Feel The Fear And Start the business anyway

Doing anything for the first time can be very daunting, and in some cases, the nerves will never truly go away. For some, a bit of adrenaline or nerves is a good thing and brings out their top performance. For others, it can threaten careers.

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Fear not, though, because nerves are very common and you are certainly not alone. When you start out, you might well make mistakes, but by nature of that, you are learning, developing and progressing with your skill. The key is how you deal with it all.

Am I Good Enough?

This is the big one for people thinking of starting their own business. Anyone can take a good picture these days, but skill is repeating it time after time, in different conditions and scenarios. Everyone has to start somewhere. You can read around your subject – blogs, websites, books – but practice is the key. Preparation will calm nerves and serves as a good reminder when mind block sets in.

Someone like a wedding photographer is thankful to be able to make a living doing something he loves, but he has the benefit of many years of experience and a wealth of positive feedback from happy clients.

Is The Price Right?

If the price isn’t right, your business will never succeed. If you go too high, you risk not getting the experience to back up the pricing structure, but if you start too low, you might not be charging what you’re worth. Be confident in your ability, look at what others are charging, and work out what you need to earn (once business bills are taken care of) to make a living. That will be your starting point. People often assume that low price equals cheap product, so bear that in mind. One of the best ways to ensure that you have your products priced correctly and to set you off on the best path it is worth talking to Cheltenham accountants who can help with every aspect of starting a business.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to keep your prices the same forever. Offer different packages and you’ll soon find out what people are willing to pay, and offering some smaller, cheaper options, you might find some customers early on who will give you a portfolio to show prospective clients.

Ultimately though, people make photography their career because they love it, so don’t forget that and enjoy it!

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