Five expert event hosting tips

You have planned, organised and promoted your event and now the big day is here. There is no time to rest on your laurels if you want your event to be a success, so what should you be doing on the big day?

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The venue

Arrive at the venue early to make sure everything is in place. If you asked for signage to be up at the venue to guide guests to the right areas, check it is there. If you have suppliers bringing in equipment, such as stands, sets and AV, make sure they have suitable access to the building.

Make sure the room – or rooms – you have booked are dressed as they should be and all the equipment you requested is in situ and working. Also check that tables and chairs are laid out as you requested – a very different dynamic is created by theatre-style seating to round table seating.

The guests

Probably the most important part of the day are the guests. Their impression of your company and brand will start the second they walk into the venue, so make sure there is someone there to greet them.

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Get them to sign in, which will not only help with fire regulations but also enable you to see who booked but did not turn up on the day. To help guests to network, it is useful to give them name badges. While this can be done manually, using an online system similar to a digital visitors staff signing in book will streamline the process. Software is available from companies such as

You also need to ensure that your guests are kept safe. While the venue will have its own procedures in place, it is worth knowing your own responsibilities. The Health and Safety Executive provides some great advice on how to run your event safely.

Most of all, make sure your guests feel comfortable. Good signage will enable them to easily find the facilities, while regular breaks will ensure they don’t get brain freeze.

The speakers

Your speakers will help you to keep your guests happy, so it is important they are happy too. If you haven’t met them before the event, make sure that you introduce yourself personally and ensure they have everything they need to wow the crowd with their contributions.

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