Flats or heels to a wedding?

Wondering whether to wear flats or heels to a wedding? It’s an age-old consideration, so let’s weigh up the things to bear in mind…

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1. Your outfit

The first thing to consider is your wedding guest outfit, because you can choose your shoes, bag and other accessories around this. Wedding guest dresses tend to be something a little bit special, and some tend to look best with a little heel. Remember that you don’t need to wear towering 6-inch heels to look good though. Try a more comfortable kitten heel or a block heel for a fashion-forward look.

Classic shoe shapes and colours lend themselves well to a classic outfit. If you’re choosing something more trend-led – perhaps a midi-dress or a jumpsuit – then why not pair it with an equally trendy pair of shoes? Pairs which have unusually shaped heels are very popular, as are colour block designs. Let your feet do the talking in this instance.

If you are wearing a maxi dress from the https://www.axparis.com/collections/wedding-guest-dresses range, then let the length guide you. If your dress length is already perfect in bare feet, then a pair of flats might work beautifully. Play around with your outfit and assess each angle before you make a final decision.

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2. Your comfort levels

Flat shoes are undoubtedly more comfortable than most heels. If you do want to wear a heel without crippling yourself, then choose a wedge, a thicker heel or a lower heel. Otherwise, you could pack a pair of rolled-up ballet flats into your bag and change into them later in the evening. Remember that it doesn’t do your health much good to wear high heels too regularly – give your feet some love.

3. Think height

If you are petite, you might prefer to wear a heel to make you look taller. Look at the proportion of your body. If you have naturally long legs, you can wear whatever you like! If you like your legs to look a little longer, a heel can give the illusion of this instantly.

4. Think colour

Black shoes of any style tend not to work that well at a wedding because the emphasis is on lighter colours. If the dress is your outfit focal point, then try a classic Kate Middleton trick and opt for the leg-lengthening nude shoe.


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