Former Wimbledon champion promotes double glazing company

Three-times Wimbledon Champion and golden boy of the 1980’s tennis world, Boris Becker might not appear to be the obvious choice to advertise double glazing. German-born Boris, who now lives in London, close to the Queen’s Tennis Club in Wimbledon, has apparently taken the job to help him over his financial difficulties.

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Superstar of tennis

With career earnings estimated to be over £100 million, Becker was world-famous in the 1980s. However, at 50 years’ old and with two divorces behind him, Boris needs to earn some cash again, after having been declared bankrupt. Although some claim the star is ‘embarrassed’ at the need to work for the German double glazing company, Fenster, they are delighted to have such a big name on board.

The benefits of double glazing

The units, which are made from two pieces of glass with a gas-filled space between, help control the temperature in rooms. The extra insulation provided keeps the cold at bay in winter, but also prevents the sun from overheating a room in the summer.

There is no reason for Boris to feel embarrassed about putting his name to products such as quality double glazing. Windows, built to a high standard, such as those from, can not only make a home more comfortable, but can reduce energy consumption and help save the planet!

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The space between the glass also offers protection from condensation. The cold air outside doesn’t get to chill the interior pane, so no water gathers on it. This, in turn, protects you from problems with mould and mildew.

Another benefit of double glazing is the increased protection from noise. If you live near a busy road and struggle with traffic noise, then replacement windows could be a great help. If you are looking for a local firm, then asking on social media for recommendations is a great way to get a ‘word of mouth’ pointer to a reliable firm. Alternatively search with FENSA for registered fitters of double glazing in Gloucester, or your local area.

We hope that Boris Becker finds more financially secure times ahead. In the meantime, he’s doing a great job acting as an advocate for double glazing. Although awareness of the benefits has risen since Boris was a champion, his name will raise the profile of double glazing even further.

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