Four signs that it’s time to replace your boiler

Most of us rely on our boilers more than we realise; when our boilers stop working, the lack of heating and hot water is generally an unpleasant shock. Many people pay little attention to their boilers until they stop functioning; however, there may be indications that your boiler is about to fail. By being proactive, you could save yourself a lot of hassle by looking at these factors.

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Its age

Many boilers last between a decade and 15 years. If yours is around 10 years old, it might soon need to be replaced; however, some older boilers were engineered to last and could work for years to come with regular servicing.

Large energy bills

New boilers are much more efficient and eco-friendly, helping to recoup some of the cost of a new boiler. Old boilers can use a lot of energy because they simply are not working that well. An efficient boiler could even end up paying for itself.

Your household has changed

Perhaps your family has grown since your boiler was purchased. More people means greater demands on the boiler; therefore, a larger or more efficient model may suit your household much better. A condensing boiler, which is the most popular variety of boiler in this country, is quite easy to plumb in and connect and much better for serving the needs of a household with a number of residents.

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It is breaking down

It is possible that your boiler gets the job done most of the time, but every now and then it malfunctions. The boiler may simply need to be serviced or have a part replaced; however, if the breakdowns become a frequent occurrence, this could be a sign that the boiler is close to wearing out and will need to be replaced. If you need Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean way then can help you.

If your boiler is not functioning as it should, it is always sensible to get it looked at. An experienced engineer will be able to tell you what state your boiler is in and whether it needs replacing. Being proactive and thinking ahead is a much better plan of action that waiting for disaster to strike.

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