Four Web Design Trends That Businesses Should Care About

Despite the growth of digital, there are some things that don’t change in terms of how customers respond to businesses in a psychological sense. Consumers make instant judgements about websites in the same way they make snap assessments about things they come across in reality.

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How do you seize upon these vital milliseconds? By ensuring your website’s design offers the most engaging user experience, and there are persisting trends that can help.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Who could have predicted that making YouTube videos would become a career choice? That’s the reality we face in 2018, and video shows no sign of slowing down. With increased ability to optimise video for mobile devices, people are consuming information in video form more than ever, so if it’s a medium that applies to your business, you should definitely be using it. When looking for a Website Designer in Cardiff, ensure they are well versed in embedding video.

Rich Content That Engages Audiences

Don’t just pick one form of media: consider using a range of rich content to tell the story of your business and give audiences a good idea of what it’s like to work with you. Graphics, testimonials, videos and long-form text can work together very effectively to get to the heart of what makes your business tick and communicate it in a well-packaged user experience. What story does a Website designer Cardiff tell? How can this work for you?

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Build a Content Hub

Content hubs, libraries, knowledge bases: these are the same thing where websites are concerned – a collection of articles and guides relating to the industry in which your business sits. If you have the expertise, use it. People will always need help with products and services, and if what they need is there on your website in an easy-to-navigate hub, then there’s less likely they’ll go elsewhere. For example, the online headshop SmokeSmith Gear has a knowledge center devoted to the types of questions customers often ask, such as “what is a vape”? and “what is the best bong to buy”?

Back to Basics – Who You Are

It seems obvious, but it can be overlooked quickly in a world where rich media is so diverse. When you’re designing a website, it’s absolutely essential that the finished product reflects your business ethos and practices. For some users, this will be their first interaction with your brand and will therefore form the basis for their perception of your identity. Don’t neglect what makes your business unique.

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