How to set up a freshwater aquarium fish shop business

Freshwater aquarium fish is a species of fish, selected for their striking colors and shapes; They represent a booming market in the area of decoration, so starting an ornamental fish store is very profitable, in addition, you can start with little money. So, if you want to know how to set up an ornamental and aquarium fish shop, keep reading this article, as we will give you tips to help you succeed!

Freshwater aquarium fish marketfreshwater aquarium fish

The largest international markets for aquarium fish are Japan, Europe (mainly Germany and the Netherlands) and the United States. In general, the world trade in ornamental or freshwater fish exceeds the US $ 1 billion. The United States, one in three households has an aquarium. In Japan, of every two residences, one has an aquarium.

Consumers of freshwater aquarium fish are faithful and belong to a larger age group, which allows them to maintain the costs of a pure hobby.

The freshwater fish business sells well throughout the year and incorporates a broad spectrum of consumers of both sexes.

There is a specialized market also for companies, such as restaurants, hotels, clinics, etc.

As it is not a very common business, it will not have big competitors, so in it, it has a great opportunity to become a reference in the market.

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Local to set up a freshwater aquarium fish shopfreshwater aquarium fish

The location is very important. Ideally, seek to settle in places with large urban centers, especially near residences, whether condominiums, buildings or houses.

The important thing is to be close to people who are able to buy the fish. Your store needs to be in such a way that those who go through it recognize it and become curious.

The place must be easily accessible both for own vehicles and for public transport. As customers leave the store with aquariums and heavy objects, it is very important to have a parking lot for the customers in the place. Continue reading business ideas for teens.

Structure of a freshwater aquarium fish storefreshwater aquarium fish

You do not need a large store to start this business. A place with around 50 m² is enough for your store to work properly. It is necessary that you separate the space of reception and exhibition, part of the office where you will take charge of the administrative part, bathroom, and stock as well.

As for the equipment you will need for the exhibition and reception area, they have to be: banks and aquariums to keep the fish. It is good to think about decorative objects also to give the place a warm and comfortable atmosphere. You will have to buy racks and shelves too.

For the office and stock part, you will also need to buy shelves and office equipment, such as a table, chairs, computer, telephone, and others.

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Staff you will need to set up a freshwater aquarium fish storefreshwater aquarium fish

The number of employees is related to the size of your aquarium fish store. For a freshwater aquarium fish store, you can start with two employees for fish service and maintenance.

The activity in the box can be done by you as owner or by one of the assistants designated by you.

The jobs should enjoy the activity and know several details. Such as mounting aquariums, a behavior of fish, the use of equipment, treatment and diagnosis of diseases, water quality, food, and lighting. Attending courses, researching through books and the Internet and chatting with other professionals are fundamental improvement strategies for the success of your business.

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Suppliers of a freshwater aquarium fish storefreshwater aquarium fish

One of the first things that you have to worry about when you think of setting up an ornamental or freshwater and fish tank store is where you buy the fish to resell. Choosing the right provider is a key element in your success.

You will not face great difficulties in finding good suppliers. There are several distributors operating in the market, who resell domestic and imported fish wholesale. And also sell stones, gravel, plants, ornaments and other accessories. Aquariums, in turn, can be purchased from several specialized factories. The important thing is to find good suppliers, especially importers of saltwater fish, more exotic and attractive.

Business process of a freshwater aquarium fish storefreshwater aquarium fish

The production process of an ornamental or aquarium fish store should follow the following steps:

  • Purchases: contact suppliers to issue purchase orders.
  • Daily organization of your store: you must coordinate the organization of your store. This activity must be developed by its assistants. Within this operation, the feeding of the fish must be included.
  • Customer service: you and the employees must be prepared to provide a service with content for all the customers of the store. Remembering that these clients are usually people who are starting a new hobby. And need a lot of support with respect to knowledge. At the time of the purchase decision. Therefore, it is essential that those involved in the care. Always have knowledge about aquariums and are always up to date.
  • Store disclosure: you should think about marketing and advertising strategies to attract customers to your store.

The investment to set up a freshwater aquarium fish store

As I mentioned at the beginning, it does not require a large investment to set up a freshwater aquarium fish store. You can start this business with an investment of $ 7000 to start.

This is enough to establish a small, but a clean store. You can do the facilities on the premises, buy fish, hire staff and still have working capital. It is good to have complete control of the issue.

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