How to get the best energy from your desk.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes that every item we come into contact with in our daily lives has the ability to affect us in a positive or negative way and that you can maximise the positive energy from these objects or reduce the impact of the negative energy by placing the items in certain areas or facing in particular directions.  The energy is a life force known as ‘chi’ and Feng Shui practitioners believe that that free-flowing chi has a positive impact on every aspect of our lives and that anyone who is present to the chi will benefit.

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You can even practice the principles of Feng Shui in your office. One of the important aspects of this practice is that areas are clutter free and clean and one of the best ways to achieve this in a commercial environment is to use a company that offers Office Cleaning Cheltenham or wherever you are based such as

One of the key pieces of information that Feng Shui experts use is a Bagua Map. This is a grid made up of nine parts that each represent a different space and how they like to the different areas of your life. One of the easiest places to start with is your desk. The positioning of your desk may not be something that you can alter but if you are able to move your desk around it is worth thinking about positioning this so that it faces towards the main office door. This is thought to be a more commanding position and is thought to bring about more opportunities as well as offering protection. If you are unable to face the door you could have a small mirror placed on your desk that reflects the door back towards you.

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Organisation and decluttering are essential in Feng Shui and helps to produce a less cluttered mindset as well as boosting your productivity. In terms of how you organise your desk or any other area of your life that is entirely up to you and what works best for your personal circumstances and your job role. But at the end of your day your desk should be clutter free and everything filled away in whatever way you have chosen.

Looking at applying Feng Shui and the Bagua Map to your desk takes a little more explanation and it is worth reading up on before you decide to tackle it.

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