Getting ready to move home.

I hate moving home. If I can avoid it I will, in fact when I moved into my last place I vowed that the only way I was coming out of there was in a box. However, you have to face realities and it is very likely that I will have to move again at some point, or I’ll end up helping move someone else. You could usea  Bristol Removals Company they’ll take all the pain of the physically side out of it for you and a little trip over to will help you get an idea of what service they offer. Regardless of the physically side the removal people will still need you to have everything organised for them, if you want it moved. That’s where I get my hang up with moving, I’m just not ready for it. So, here are a few things that I’ve learned to make life a bit easier for everyone, including myself the next time I come to do a move.

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  1. Be prepared. It might seem pretty obvious but if you know that you’re going to be moving soon or you are beyond the point of thinking about it and are actively searching then it might be an idea to start packing up some things that you will want to take with you but don’t need to have out. I mean little things like ornaments, books and the out of season clothes from your wardrobe.
  2. Have a date chart. The ultimate date is the moving date but it’s a good idea to set up “goal dates” beforehand where you want something packed up and put away. Try not to beat yourself up if you haven’t done it by then just be aware that it’s an area that you need to focus on when you do have the time.

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  1. Keep it or chuck it. There is a very strong argument to apply the Marie Kondo approach here of does it still “bring you joy”. If that’s a bit too esoteric for you why not apply the “can I actually get any use out of this, will it surviving being taken a apart and put together again at the other end” approach. Get the Tip runs in now beforehand.
  2. You can never have enough empty books and bubble wrap.
  3. Label everything and make sure that those boxes go straight to the corresponding rooms in the new place.

Trust me, follows these and the whole process will be a lot less painful.

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