Good reasons to store your car in the garage

Storing cars in the garage seems to be a thing of the past. The garage has evolved into many things – a workshop, home office, home gym, storage site and a place to dump junk! However, there are some strong arguments for returning to the original purpose for garages – to store vehicles!

  1. Protection from the elements

This is the most obvious reason and the most compelling for protecting your investment. Rain, snow and ice can do untold damage to a car’s exterior, wearing away at the top layer of paint and causing damp to creep in that can lead to rusting. If you need new Garage Doors Bristol, go to

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  1. Protection from other vehicles and pedestrians

Storing your car in the garage prevents it from accidental damage from other vehicles, such as dents and scratches. Pedestrians can also cause damage, most often accidental. When you park on a drive or busy road, there is no control over who or what might be approaching your vehicle.

  1. UV protection

Whilst this might not seem like too much of an issue in the UK, UV rays from the sun can damage the exterior and interior of a vehicle when left outside.

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  1. Avoid theft

By securing your car away in a locked garage, there is far less opportunity for thieves to steal your car or any contents from inside the car.

  1. Insurance benefits

Some insurance companies offer lower premiums to those who can store their vehicle in a secure garage space.

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