Great Gift Ideas to Show You Care

Perhaps they came round and mowed the lawn while you were feeling poorly (unlikely), perhaps they took the kids to school when you had that interview to prepare for (feasible), or perhaps they are simply always by your side, through thick and thin – a partner in crime, confidant, best pal or significant other.

Whatever it is that this kind, thoughtful, giving person did or continues to do for you, you know that you’d like to show how much you appreciate them. But no ordinary present will do. Clothes are too mundane; a jar of foodstuffs just won’t cut the mustard. You need something that is emblematic of who they are and what they mean to you.

Here are some brilliant gift ideas for that special someone who cares, to show just how much you care, too:

1. Collectible figurines

Who doesn’t love to add a touch of magic to the home? If you’d like to express your gratitude, there are few better ways than with a symbolic, tasteful gift, such as a collectible figurine. What is it in this person’s character that makes them so special? Maybe a figurine of a character from their favourite film would be meaningful to them – and more so if that character’s personality mirrors their own. Are they a sci-fi fanatic? A Disney aficionado? Maybe they just have an eye for design and would love an attractive ornamental piece to add to the mantelpiece. Figurines are, at their best, delightful things to receive, and will give even more pleasure to look upon in the years to come.

2. A magazine subscription

Now that’s a gift that you don’t receive too often – yet what a fantastic present it is. From science journals to gossips mags, a monthly subscription for a year is the gift that just keeps on giving (12 times to be precise). One of the great things about this kind of present is that you can cater it so accurately to the deserving recipient’s personality and interests. Are they a bit of a motorhead? Then you can’t go wrong with a car review publication. Are they all about their garden? Then they’ll just love to sit down with a horticulture and landscaping read every month. Are they a keen cook or baker? Then you know just what to get them. Have your hero look forward to their monthly arrival in the post and they’ll know they’ve been properly appreciated.

3. Tickets for two

Rather than a material gift, how about a great memory – not to mention a fantastic night out on the town. Theatre tickets – a musical, a murder mystery, a classic play – make for a wonderful time. Best of all, you get to tag along. Or perhaps a big match would really get them excited. If they’re a cricket fan, that could be a whole day out. If they love music, a concert or local gig, even, would surely be the perfect way to say, ‘thank you.’ A comedy night would certainly bring a smile to their face. Want to show your appreciation for an act of kindness? Tickets for two could well bank you another act of benevolence in the near future.

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