Hawaii Hidden Gems To Consider For Your Next Vacation

Hawaii is definitely a legendary vacation destination that welcomes millions of people from all around the world, every single year. It is practically impossible not to find incredible beaches and vacation rentals in Hawaii but there is a pretty good possibility that most of the places advertised will be full of tourists.

Fortunately, Hawaii has countless secret spots that are not known by most tourists. This is exactly what we will talk about in the following paragraphs. The following hidden gems might be exactly what you are looking for right now, giving you peace, relaxation and so much more.

Makawao – Maui

If you are interested in the cowboy culture of Hawaii, Makawao is where you want to go. The town is tucked away close to the Haleakala volcano and is the heart of the paniolo country for tens of years now. Cowboys can be seen in action in the special Makawao Rodeo competition. Alternatively, you can also tour the local ranches.

Besides experiencing the cowboys, you can also enjoy a huge art community, with year-round options for gallery exhibitions and studio tours. Make sure that you stay inside the village and book the rentals in advance if you visit during the previously mentioned rodeo. Properties can fill up pretty quick then.

Moa’ula Falls – Molokai

When you want to escape the crowds, Moa’ula Falls gives you a perfect excuse. This is a beautiful waterfall that is hidden on the Molokai island. It has a huge cascade drop of over 200 feet, right into a cliff that is jungle-covered. Photo opportunities are numerous.

Keep in mind that the hike leading to the falls will go through various private lands. This is why you do want to be sure that you hire a guided tour. The tour operators are going to secure necessary permits so that you can easily enjoy your walk without any possible problem. The best vacation rental options for visiting the falls are in Kaunakakai and you can consider a visit at any point in time throughout the year.

Kaupo Gap – Maui

Those that are serious about hiking should not miss the gap. It is accessible every single day of the year and the best vacation rental options are in Hana and Kaupo. The trek is going to take you down the Haleakala volcano side and everything will take place in the beautiful Haleakala National Park.

The hike is challenging and is going to take you through lush valleys, the jungle and even a crater. Do be sure you pack enough snacks and you want to book shuttles starting from Kaupo to get back to the starting point.

Niihau Island

Niihau is locally known as the Forbidden Island. Just as the name implies, this is a part of Hawaii few people ever get a chance to see. You can get to this island through a special private tour, with the use of Niihau Helicopters. Tourists get to fly and then enjoy half a day in this pristine, remote location.

If you decide to visit the Niihau Island, expect seals sunbathing right on the shore. You can snorkel and swim on a beach that is completely deserted. Aerial views of sharks and whales will get the party started right. Do not worry about when you visit since tours are available all year round. The best heliport access is from Makaweli.

Hanapepe – Kauai

Hanapepe is a perfect place for those that want to slow down, a rather small town located in the south of Kauai. It can only be described as adorable and did not change much ever since WWII. Streets are practically filled with colorful, historic buildings. Afternoons can be spent browsing independent businesses and galleries. Alternatively, you can visit the Salt Pond Beach for a bonfire at sunset. The very best vacation rentals can be found downtown. This allows you to fully take advantage of Hanapepe’s walkable layout.

Munro Trail – Lana’i

If you decide to stay in Lanai City, you want to rent a good mountain bike and experience the stunning Munro Trail. It is close to 13 miles long and starts at the Lana’ihale summit, taking you to Palawai Basin. You are going to ride down a dirt path and enjoy Maunalei gulch views. If the weather is clear it is possible to see all the 6 Hawaii islands during your descent.

Mauna Kea – Hawaii

There are actually many visitors that visit Mauna Kea because of the spectacular sunsets and views. However, just a few try a really unusual activity that is available there when considering what Hawaii is known for. In Mauna Kea you can actually go snowboarding during the winter as snow covers the volcano’s highest reaches.

All you need to do is rent a four wheel drive vehicle, take your equipment and go to the summit. You do not have lifts so be ready for a longer hike back after your runs. We are talking about an elevation that is close to 14,000 feet. Effort will feel a little more strenuous than what you might be used to. Great vacation rentals are available in Waimea and Hilo.

Final Thoughts

Hawaii is definitely a tourist destination that offers much more than what you initially expect. Most tourists will go to those locations that are highly advertised but this stops you from experiencing the real culture that the islands have to offer. Do consider the lesser-known gems mentioned above for a truly unique vacation.

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