The Hottest Scents to Try this Summer Season

It’s almost summer time again and we all know what that means—it’s time to get a new scent that’s perfect for the humid weather. As the season is changing, so should your perfume. Whether you’re chilling in an indoor pool or soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun at the beach, it is still important to smell nice and stay fresh all day long. For the dainty or sultry type, here are the essential scents that will make you feel hotter than the season.

Sensual and Sultry Scents

Since we’re now talking about getting hotter than the sun, sensual and sultry scents are essential to achieve that. But don’t overdo it—keep it subtle by choosing a fragrance that has delicate notes of floral freshness while still giving off a bit of flirty scent. Try Givenchy Very Irresistable L’Intense for the right amount of playfulness.

Fresh and Feminine

Nothing’s sexier than a woman who’s vibrant and confident at the same time. Powdery and zesty scent is the best combination for smelling gorgeous all day—the scent will even get better the longer it stays on your skin. Spray on Insolence Eau de Parfum by Guerlain to boost your feminine appeal. Ditch the heavy scent and go for a lighter women’s perfume that will keep you smelling fresh and clean.

Exotic and Musky

It’s summertime and you want to explore places other than the usual and common beaches, so you decide to visit an exotic destination, perhaps an island, and try to live like how the locals do. But before you bask in the summer heat, pack a perfume that’s just as exotic as the tropical island. Sprinkle your skin with Philosophy Living Grace that’s like a magic potion and a perfume rolled into one bottle. The musky fragrance triggers a sensory experience that will not just make you smell amazing but will also help you stay focused. Live the island life with this unique fragrance.

Sweet and Fruity

What else can perfectly define a summer scent than the mixture of sweet and fruity fragrance? This common scent combination is not just popular during the summer but all seasons. The blend of juicy, citrus fruits and dewy blooms can boost your mood, giving you a happy vibe that lasts all day—perfect for those long outings and getaways. Spray your body with Clinique Happy Heart—you will leave the house smelling like freshly cut oranges and cucumbers and arrive at your destination smelling even sweeter as notes of hyacinth emerge.

Looking charming, feeling vibrant, and smelling great can go together as long as you pick the right scent. Choose from these summer-loving fragrances that will make you smell irresistible not just during the day when it’s scorching hot but also during long summer nights.


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