How does Google work?

Google is the world’s most popular search engine with over 74 percent of the global share of the search engine market. It is one of the reasons why Web Design Yorkshire company work hard to ensure that as well as producing an aesthetically pleasing and functional site that it includes all of the elements needed for the website to rank in the Google search engine results pages or SERPs as they are known in the industry.

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But how does Google actually work?

Google uses specially designed and complex algorithms to create the search results that you have when you type in a particular word or phrase into the search box. Web designers and SEO (search engine optimisation) companies can access basics about this algorithm in order to ensure that websites and link articles are fit for purpose. However the actually workings of the algorithms is a company kept secret. The reason for the secredy is in part to keep Google competitive with other search engines and also to ensure that people are not able to abuse the workings of the system in order to be able to get their website into the number one position. This used to be known as black hat SEO and it is greatly frowned up and website can even be penalised by Google for such practices. White hat SEO is clean boostings of the website up the Google search ranking through adding unique content on the website and through building credible links with other sites where articles about your company may be placed.

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Google has what is known as web crawlers or spiders (automated bots) that search the internet for specific keywords, for which there is an index of millions. These are keywords or phrases that people enter in order to be matched with companies and websites that contain these. Google then ranks these search results based on a number of factors include the trust level of the website along with the quality of the content that it contains and a variety of other factors. By ensuring that your website contains all of the elements needed you can give your business a fighting chance in appearing in the top few pages of the Google results. The coveted spot of number one on page one is much sought after and requires planning and consistent work through both a website company and external marketing and SEO.

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