How to Choose Menswear That Flatters

It is important to know your body type when choosing menswear. While there are less body types than women, they are all equally important. This is especially true if you have a preference for classic styles. A slim waist and wide shoulders will look great in classic menswear, and a broader chest and broad shoulders will look great in trendy menswear. If you have a small chest, choose clothing with a waistband.

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Avoid wearing excessively baggy clothing. Instead, opt for slim or tapered trousers and blazers. Do not wear jeans with a high rise. If you have broad shoulders, avoid cinching at the waist and go for single breasted or double breasted jackets. Also, keep away from baggy jumpers, low rise denim or cropped trousers.

Choose clothing in neutral colours that are flattering to your figure. For example, stripes and asymmetry should be worn carefully. Vertical stripes are better for making you look taller, for example. Avoid neon hues and busy patterns, especially for those with pale complexions. Remember to buy a button-down shirt that fits snugly and follows your natural torso line. Don’t choose a shirt or jacket that’s so tight that it shows off your belly between the buttons though!

If you have a long neck and narrow shoulders, opt for long coachmen coats or straight jackets. These silhouettes will highlight your waist and accentuate your curves. However, if you are petite and have a slim waist, stick to short jackets. Don’t pick a boxy jacket because it will make you look heavier than you are.

It is important to choose clothing that fits well. The right sizing will emphasize your neck and arms in a flattering way. If you have a narrow waist, wear jeans and trousers that are tailored to your waist size. You should also consider the length of your trousers. A good general rule of thumb is for jeans or trousers to just skim the top of the shoes. For a range of stylish Mens Mish Mash Clothes, check out

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If you’re short, choose a style that accentuates your height by drawing the eye upwards. Remember that clothing that is tailored correctly will make you look more sophisticated and attractive. A well-fitted jacket will also enhance your shoulders. Using your height to find the right fit for your trousers is important too. If you’re short, don’t choose trousers that are too long or baggy. For tall guys, make sure trousers are always long enough and not showing off too much sock or leg when sat down.

If you have a slim or narrow waist, you should wear straight-cut trousers to hide your narrow waist. A double-breasted suit will make you look blocky, so try to find suits that follow your silhouette and don’t make you look like you’re carrying extra bulk. This is the key to choosing a wardrobe that will flatter your body shape. Regardless of your height, weight or shape, there will always be a style that looks great on you!


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