How to organize outdoor wedding venues with lots of useful ideas and tips!

Outdoor wedding venues tips

Many couples choose to celebrate their outdoor wedding venues in the garden. Soft lights, enchanting decorations, and magical atmospheres push more and more brides to celebrate their outdoor wedding.

This trends also called “American wedding”, and increasingly chosen by brides who prefer their civil ceremony for their wedding. If your plane for an outdoor wedding, you must tend to every detail first to end. Starting with the bureaucracy, up to the setup of the location that you have chosen for your big event. Here’s we share how to make an outdoor wedding perfect!

We explain here lots of ideas and tips to organize outdoor wedding venues.

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Civil marriage outdoors: Bureaucracy

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Following the increase in demand for the celebration of an outdoor wedding, more and more locations for weddings have requested authorization from the relevant municipalities to celebrate their outdoor weddings. These are mainly castles, villas for events, gardens or panoramic terraces where it is possible to set up enchanting ceremonies. The first rule for those who choose to celebrate their civil marriage outdoors or in an outdoor location is to make sure that the villa chosen for the wedding has all the necessary permissions to perform civil rights if not, the ceremony would not have any legal value. Once confirmed, we can begin to present all the documentation necessary to celebrate our marriage.

Outdoor Wedding: Perfect themes for a wedding in the garden

Shabby Chic wedding outdoors:

The Shabby Chic theme is perfect for brides who choose to celebrate their wedding in the garden. This theme continues to confirm itself as a great trend in the Wedding world. It is a romantic style, almost ancient, but extremely refined. Organizing a shabby wedding means dealing mainly with outdoor environments. Which must be rich in floral decorations and shabby furniture components such as chairs, large tables, and lanterns, strictly in white wood or wrought iron. The pastel colors such as pink, blue, lilac or white are perfect for this style, while to make a wedding in the garden magical in the evening, soft lights and scented candles should be placed at the entire location. The shabby theme is particularly favored by brides who choose to celebrate their outdoor wedding in the summer.

Outdoor Country Chic Wedding:

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A country wedding is perfect for weddings celebrated in September or early October. This theme fits perfectly with the warm colors of nature such as orange, green in all its shades and yellow. Usually, a rustic wedding is celebrated in the countryside. But to date, many facilities for ceremonies, set up enchanting country chic weddings in the garden.

An outdoor country style wedding should be characterized by wooden benches, logs and long tables embellished with linen or lace tablecloths. Small lanterns and light bulbs help to make the atmosphere magical and intimate, while for the place and the table marriage, it is advisable to use the colors of the typical fruits of the season such as apples and pomegranates. If you celebrate your outdoor wedding in the fall, do not forget the small attention for guests, such as providing warm plaid for the ceremony or for cutting the cake in the garden.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Wedding venues:

outdoor wedding venues

If you want to organize outdoor wedding venues respecting nature, then the Eco-friendly theme is perfect for your ceremony. Eco-wedding is increasingly loved by American brides, who choose to celebrate a wedding with a low environmental impact. From the choice of the dress, up to the favors, everything must be strictly Eco-friendly. While on the menu we recommend preferring organic dishes, fruit, and vegetables. The perfect season to celebrate an Eco-friendly outdoor wedding is spring. Just when nature is reborn and shows its authentic beauty. For wedding favors, a really nice idea and above all of the great generosity are wedding favors for marriage, choosing perhaps an association that takes care of the environment and protects the territory.

Wedding outdoors Naples

Our country is full of enchanting natural settings perfect to celebrate ceremonies in outdoor environments such as gardens, beaches or terraces. If you are looking for a villa for events where you can celebrate your outdoor wedding venues in Naples. Villa is the perfect location to perform an enchanting ceremony. It is a beautiful villa with a modern and refined style, characterized by a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Sorrento.

outdoor wedding venues

Villa is chosen by brides wishing to celebrate civil weddings in Naples or simply outdoor weddings. The exterior of the structure is divided into different environments. Such as the terrace, the swimming pool and the green garden where civil rights are celebrated. Every corner of Villa is embellished with incredible decorations, which change according to the season chosen for your wedding. The villa has three indoor rooms to offer brides a viable alternative in case of rain. If you plan to celebrate your outdoor wedding venues in Naples. Discover the offer on the site to receive an incredible surprise.

If you have any more ideas outdoor wedding venues. Please share with us, we always give importance our readers new thoughts and ideas.

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