How to prepare your garden for spring planting

As the winter months loom, the Garden feels a little bit sad. The Garden in winter only needs a bit of maintenance. The lawn is given its final cut in the late Autumn, weather permitting, and all the plants go dormant. If there are winter flowering plants in the garden, then they can bring some joy, but for the most part, the Gardener will look out of the window desperate for the first signs of the snowdrops to come through, heralding the signs of the end of these gloomy wet and mild months.

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However, there is still a chance for some gardening activity in December, January and February. It is generally a time to plan and take stock of all that has happened in the garden over the calendar year. One of the most rewarding elements of the season is to plan and prepare for the spring planting that is to come.

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As the nights draw in and you start to lose the light when you can get out into the garden, why not plan in your head where things are going to go. Use your mind’s eye to visualise the plants that you want growing in the plots allocated to them. Once inside, why not draw out a plan and mark down the dates you intend to plant. Prepare the bulbs the first chance you get and till the soil over for some excellent placements. For the bigger stuff you might need your trailer. If it’s in a rough way and you need some Trailer Parts, just contact

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