How HR can build a healthy workplace

If you run your own business and also handle your company’s HR tasks, you could be doing yourself, and your company, a grave disservice.

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That’s because, as a business manager, you can’t step back and take a measured view of events and processes.

In fact, the chances are that you are actually demotivating your workforce, albeit unwittingly.

The pressures facing managers

As a manager, you’re almost certainly working longer hours than the majority of your workforce. You’ll be subject to stresses and strains that they know nothing about, and it’s only natural that your daily state of mind will be having some sort of impact on those you work with.

Handling HR topics, on top of the rest of your workload, can be a step too far. That’s one of the reasons why so many smaller businesses are actively seeking out HR outsourcing services. Companies such as can take care of the details of your HR obligations, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business, which is, after all, what you do best.

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Negativity fosters discontent

Micromanaging your staff will never have the desired effect. According to an article in Forbes, the majority of workers have the necessary motivation to perform their work tasks efficiently and intelligently. However, too much interference, particularly when it includes negativity, can seriously demotivate even the hardest of workers.

Rather than introduce new ‘rules’ every time you see something you don’t like, whether it’s to do with the way your staff dress, or the way they perform their duties, it’s far better to have a quiet word with the relevant person – with the emphasis on ‘quiet’. Nobody likes a public dressing down, so treat your workers like adults, and respect their dignity.

Sometimes, a manager is so wrapped up in controlling every aspect of their business that their own mental health suffers. When this occurs, it’s reasonable to assume that other members of your team are also affected, so it means you need to take fast action.

It’s not an admission of failure to say that you need help. You can’t possibly help your staff if you’re not in a good state of mind yourself, so put yourself first for once, and adopt a positive mindset. You, and your staff, will be glad that you did!


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