Isn’t it nice to have a Carvery?

A truly great feature of pubs these days is the addition of a Carvery. Let’s be honest when you’ve had a hard day there is nothing better than having the weight of cooking taken off you by getting a cracking roast with all the trimmings. It’s a great place to have a nice family dinner there. This sort of thing never used to happen in pubs, but our modern lifestyle has meant that food has become just an important part as the drinks. A nice fruit juice can make a good change and its more than likely that the orange squash you or the kids are sipping has probably come from Post Mix Juices and a company that specialises in such things like Why don’t we celebrate this new-found world by having a look at what you can get at a carvery and what you can get.

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The carvery is nothing new. It dates back to medieval times but with a bit of difference from what they used to do there. It’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to see that carving was definitely involved. There was a bit of a big difference though it was usually a whole pig, whole lamb or a series of Chickens slowly being turned on a spit. Sometimes the spit was powered by a dog on treadmill. It was certainly a lot easily than getting a human being to do it as the inevitable arm ache would set in or the person doing the truing fell asleep. In fact, that’s how crackling was invented. The turner nodded of and the pig stopped rotating. He feared for his life, but the Lord of the manor declared it a triumph and greatly rewarded him. The dog generally got a bone.

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The chef or cook would stand over the turning spit and everyone invited would line up to get a nice slice craved off for them. They would have just had veggies with it as potatoes weren’t brought over to England until Sir Francis Drake reckoned they would do well after “discovering” them or taking some off the locals. It’s a bit different now. You are faced with a chef carving but they are now following much stricter guidelines such as needing to have a food hygiene certificate and sneeze guards over the food. One weird thing is that you can only go up once for Meat, but you can have as many veggies as you like. This usually involves people desperately trying to work out whole much they want to dump on their plate so as not to go up again and look greedy (because a plate full to bursting doesn’t of course!). There is a secret to this, put as much as you can in the large Yorkshire pudding in the middle and build around it.

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