How to keep your website fresh and relevant

Websites, like oysters, socks and bananas, are best when fresh. If you run a business, few things will be more off-putting to your customers than visiting your website and finding that the first piece of content they read is about how your company won an award in 2009. Your website acts as an online reflection of your company and needs to stay fresh and relevant to fulfil its primary goal of promoting your business.

keep your website fresh

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This is equally important when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings, with Google penalising content that has not been updated. In terms of SEO, tips that would have helped your site five years ago, such as keyword stuffing and linking to as many sites as possible, could now be actively harming your ranking. If you are concerned, seek out the services of a professional web development company in London.

Start a blog

The benefit of a blog is that it is less structured than a traditional website. It is almost like an informal news section, except you can write about whatever you want – although you do want to tie it back to the rest of your site. This makes it much easier to create content and develop new ideas.

keep your website fresh

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As a more personal space, a blog can be written in a more informal style. You can also use guest bloggers; for example, you could get some thoughts from an up-and-coming chef if you are a restaurant or a from a professional web development company in London if you run an e-commerce platform. In this way you get great content from other writers and the chance to share your own thoughts more widely in return.

Refresh your design

Web design trends tend to go in waves. Five years ago, everyone went back to flat basic designs inspired by IOS, but now the tide is turning. Giving your site a facelift could be as simple as picking a new template on WordPress. If you feel you need help with this, have you considered looking for a professional web development company in London?

Finally, try to gather content from your audience, whether from forums, surveys or competitions. Remember that Facebook is the third most-visited site on the web, and 99 per cent of its content comes from users.

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