Keeping Your Blog on your Main Website

Blogging by businesses has become an important part of most marketing strategies for some years now. The benefits of blogging are well-known – they drive more traffic to a site and increase presence within an industry. Both these things result in better sales and results. If you haven’t yet jumped on the blogging bandwagon, then perhaps it’s time you did. The first decision for wannabe bloggers is where to place their blog. The options are having the blog on your existing website or building a separate site just for your blog.

Why your blog should stay on your existing website:

User Experience – When building a website, any designer will tell you that user experience is key. The goal is to have a site that’s easy to navigate and find relevant information quickly. By having two separate sites for your main website and your blog does not follow the pattern of a positive user experience. Having everything on one site makes it far easier for visitors to visit different sections, read some blog articles and find your contact details. Most users will expect to find a company’s blog as part of their website and might be annoyed if they must look elsewhere or think you don’t have one. For all website help, contact web designers in Reading like

SEO – Backlinks are the reason why your blog is better placed on your website. If a different site backlinks to your blog, your entire site will reap the benefits of better placement in search results. Any backlinks to a separate blog site will only benefit the blog page and not your main business website. Google loves content-rich and relevant sites who regularly produce new material so a frequently updated blog full of useful and relevant content will make your site highly attractive to Google. Doing this on a separate blog does nothing to benefit your main site which could go static.

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Less Traffic – One of the most important goals of digital marketing is driving traffic to your website. The more people who click through to your site, the more conversions into sales you will make. If this traffic is vital to your business, you must keep your blog on your main site. Businesses with blogs get 55% more visits than those without! It’s the blogs that are driving traffic back to your site. A separate blog means visitors might not realise who you are and how to find you.

Price – Cost is more prohibitive when you’re forking out on two sites to maintain than just one. If you use the pay-per-click ads, you’ll also be spending more to promote two sites. Having all your information, contact details and blog on one site makes much more sense than paying double for your information to be spread out over two.

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