8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at home

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry

When doing laundry, there are a number of mistakes you should not make. For example, it is important to avoid mixing colors: a well-known mistake. But there are mistakes that often go unnoticed and yet have a negative effect on our laundry. Here is a list of 8 mistakes not to commit when you do laundry, for a clean cloth and in perfect condition without effort! Yes, laundry is also part of our well-being!

Laundry is one of the tasks that can take the most time. And yet, there are ways to do it faster and more efficiently. Just be ingenious and clever, and you’re done! In fact, doing the laundry is absolutely not a complex task when you know how to do it.

1. Zippers when doing laundry

Many of our clothes, such as jeans or vests, have a zipper. This metal closure is very practical. However, in the drum of our washing machine, it can catch in the mesh of the fabrics of our other clothes even tear them. It is therefore important to be careful not to wash at the same time jeans and sweaters in big mesh for example.

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at homeBy paying attention to this small detail, you keep your laundry longer and in better condition. A machine can be made for the strongest fabrics and clothes with one or more zippers. In this way, we make sure not to damage the most fragile linen. It does not take longer but really preserves our clothes. So we do not say no!

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2. The fabric softener

When you do laundry, the softener is a step you should not forget. It is appreciated for its smell but also for the sweetness it gives to our favorite clothes. However, it is necessary to be vigilant enough about it. Some softeners are not suitable for the most sensitive skin such as babies, for example. It is therefore important in this case to pay attention to choose a softener without chemical odor and hypoallergenic.

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at homeIn addition, the softener, making bath towels softer, decreases their absorption capacity. It is, therefore, preferable to make a separate machine for its towels, in which no softener will be added to preserve their absorbency. You can also choose to wash them by hand if you have the energy, time and desire. Take care to use the softener properly!

3. Swimwear

When doing laundry, there is sometimes a tendency to wash all the materials and types of clothes at the same time, without distinction. Yet it is not beneficial for our clothes to wash them as if they are all the same. It is important to adapt the wash to the type of fabric and the function of the garment being washed. That’s why it’s important to wash your swimsuits by hand.

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at homeIf you do not wash your swimsuits by hand, they can become deformed in the drum of the machine. They will wear out much faster and their color may even disappear over time. In addition, washing them by hand keeps their shape and elasticity. So be careful not to wash your swimsuits with the rest of his clothes! They are washed by hand with a mild product and allowed to air dry.

4. Bleach

When doing laundry, you may sometimes be tempted to use bleach. However, it is extremely bad for the tissues, but also for the skin. Aggressive, it helps to erase the colors of your clothes faster. There is absolutely no need to sterilize your laundry. It’s just about cleaning it. Removing all bacteria is impossible, but also useless.

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at homeIn addition, people living in a sterile environment are more likely to get some diseases related to the immune system. If our immune system never faces bacteria, it cannot work properly. So we forget about bleach when it comes to laundry. You do not need it and it can even be dangerous for your skin and your health.

5. Sort your laundry

When doing laundry, sorting your laundry may seem like a waste of time. And yet, this is an extremely important thing! It is not only a question of sorting the linen according to the color of the linen but also according to the material and the type of fabrics. The fabrics have a different heat resistance: you cannot wash everything in the machine, let alone at the same temperature.

We take good care to read the labels of his clothes in order to be able to see which ones can be washed together. It may seem that this technique is wasting time but this is absolutely not the case. Indeed, we can lose a few minutes to read the labels but we save because we keep his clothes in good condition longer. And without any special effort!

6. The detergent

When doing laundry, we use detergent. However, like any cleaning product, it is important to know how to use and dose it properly. If you put too much detergent in the machine, the foam will become thicker. It will take your machine much more water to rinse clothes. When you use too much detergent, you use a lot more water for your machine.

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at homeAnd it’s not good for your bills or the planet! To remedy this problem, just be careful to use the right doses of detergent. Just look at the recommendations for use and follow them as accurately as possible. In this way, you can save money, get better linen and help the planet. What more?

7. Rub the spots

When washing clothes and washing stained clothes, be careful how you do it. When we have a spot, our first instinct is to rub. In reality, it is something not to do if you want to have a cloth in good condition! When you rub a garment, you risk to stain the stain on the fabric fiber and make it impossible to leave. In addition, the tissue is damaged in itself and its color can be removed more quickly. To avoid!

8. Home softener

8 mistakes not to make when doing laundry at homeWhen doing laundry, the softener is usually used. However, softeners sold in stores can sometimes be harmful to our health and help to make our clothes in poor condition. How to act? Well, it is possible to use a home softener. How to prepare your own fabric softener? Nothing’s easier! Just mix some white vinegar with mint. This tip is totally natural!

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