Losing Weight? Don’t Make These Classic Errors

Many of us have the apparently simple ambition of losing some weight and having a better-looking body. Sadly, though, getting fit is not as easy as it sounds. Many of us fall into the same traps and modes of thinking when it comes to losing weight. By being aware of what those traps are, we can have a better chance of success and achieve the kinds of health and fitness levels that we hope for. Here are 3 classic errors that we can all make when trying to losing weight:

Avoiding weights

The logic to avoiding weights at all costs is that by only focusing on aerobic exercises like running, cycling and step classes, you get to expend more energy, rather than ‘wasting time’ on all those bicep curls, shoulder lifts, and leg extensions. Also, many people think that since muscle mass is heavier than fat, they want to avoid building any muscle while they attempt to shed weight. Some people, especially women, also feel that were they to spend lots of time in the gym doing weights, they would become bulky and, in the end, look heavier set than when they started.

While it is indeed true that cardio routines are a fantastic way to get fit, it would be a mistake to strike off weights from your gym sessions. Firstly, weight-focused sessions are a brilliant way of losing calories. Every time you push those muscles to the limit, tiny muscle fibers the body over break and need to repair themselves. In order to do this, they absorb the body’s proteins. Since proteins contain 4 calories per gram, using them up by like this is a superb way to make sure that you are using more calories than you consume, which is, of course, the underlying issue for all unwanted weight-gain.

Furthermore, you should not worry that lifting weights is going to lead to undesired body bulk and muscle mass. Rather, it will help you attain healthy-looking body form, defining all the areas of your body so that you look, and indeed are, fitter, leaner and stronger. No-one gets huge muscles by mistake; you’d have to change your diet and fitness routine entirely in order to put on the kind of muscle that would make you appear bulky.

Consuming low-fat processed foods

Sure, it would seem to make a lot of sense that, instead of a sugary Coke or creamy Devonshire butter, you opt for ‘light’ soft drinks and low-fat margarine. But just what’s going into those processed foods in order to make them taste like their original, full-fat counterparts? Additives, basically – very few of which could ever really be considered even remotely healthy. In the case of low-fat produce, sugar is in fact often added to give the food something approaching the original flavour.

Rather than low-fat fruit yogurts or ‘diet’ soft drinks, choose natural yogurts (checking for less than 5% sugars), still water (you can flavour it with a piece of whole fruit in the water jug if you like), and natural, whole foods. Simply reduce your intake of or entirely avoid processed foods. That means bread, soft drinks, butter, cream and biscuits (pretty much anything that’s high fat or with added sugar and/or salts) can all be swapped out for celery and carrot dips, whole fruits and steamed vegetables.

Giving up

The biggest reason for giving up entirely on losing weight is, quite frankly, silly. Most people are able to cite a single occasion of falling off the wagon that led to them completely reverting to their old eating and sedentary habits. Instead of giving up just because of a single evening of indulgence, a work birthday cake, or cheeky chocolate biscuit with your afternoon tea, just do your best to hold back the next time you’re tempted.

In fact, try to avoid temptation altogether by keeping those foods out of the house, and tell workmates not to offer you birthday snacks in advance. Be conscious of the conditions that often accompany you yielding to the seductive powers of a sugary treat, and think clearly and logically about how you can learn to avoid them. When you do consume something that’s not good for you, it’s no big deal, and certainly not enough to upset your overall goal of attaining a better-looking, healthier body. Simply learn from the experience and try not to repeat it. Continue reading Colon Cancer:10 Symptoms of Colon Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Losing weight isn’t easy, but the incentive of being healthier with more strength and energy should be enough to keep you going. Three months from now, there’ll be proof that all the effort was worth it – just look in the mirror to see it!

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