Make your Student House Feel More Homely

Moving away from home to university is a huge step into adult life – but it can be a troubled time if you haven’t been far from home at all before, or even if you have it can feel very strange and difficult at first.

There is a wide range of student accommodation – to see student accommodation Cheltenham, visit your perfect pad, or have a look at halls of residence. Houser shares are another good option, as is a self-contained flat. But wherever you end up living whilst you are at university, you want it to feel like home. Here are a few ways you can do that…

Bring some things from home that you like to have around you to help you feel that connection to home. A favourite teddy bear, photographs or pictures or a particular blanket for example. These things will instantly make your space feel like home from home.

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Plants are known to make a place feel more relaxing and greenery can soothe us. Get a few indoor plants to have around the place – there are plenty to choose from. Snake plant, aloe vera and cacti are all popular choices that will make it feel much more homely.

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A bed is important – it is where you will get your all-important sleep, so put some effort into your bed. Make it every day and get some cushions and luxurious materials to go on the bed which will make it somewhere tempting to snuggle into at the end of a long day.

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