Moving out of a rental property

A healthy rental market in the UK means there are large numbers of tenants and landlords affected by tenancy arrangements, and never more so than when a tenant is about to move out of rental property.

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Tenants may be moving on because they have chosen to or because the landlord has requested the move. Notice will need to be served formally by either party. This can be very emotional for the tenants involved because the property might feel like home, whilst other tenants may have formed very little attachment to their rented property.

Start packing and decluttering early

The sooner you get started on packing, decluttering and cleaning, the better to avoid a lastminute rush. Some landlords require professional cleaning of the property; if so, this will need to be arranged in time. You will have a better chance of your deposit being returned in full if the property is left in the same condition as when you moved in.

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Property inventory check

As moving out day approaches, an inventory check-out will be conducted as part of the last inspection of the property. All items listed in the inventory should be in their original position so that they can be itemised. The property should be in a reasonable condition, allowing for some wear and tear. Photographic evidence using property inventory software at the start of the tenancy and then at the end of the tenancy could be very beneficial.

Return of deposit

The landlord should notify you of any possible deductions within 10 days following your request for your deposit. The return of a deposit is potentially fraught with problems and disputes, with Citizens Advice setting out numerous potential pitfalls.

An inventory service using property inventory software from a provider such as may be involved in this process and can help to clearly demonstrate the property before and after. This can help to reduce many potential disputes.

Change of address and bills

You will need to arrange for mail to be forwarded, settle your final utility bills, and ensure all keys are returned to the landlord.

In summary, moving out of rental property requires careful planning and organising to ensure the process is as frictionless as possible, especially in such areas as the return of deposits. Evidence-based inventory services can assist in eliminating potential disputes.


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