Must-Have Features to Sell Your Home Fast

Capitalise on Desirable Aspects

If you are selling your house, certain features in the home listed below will be sure to see your property snapped up. The public is seeing changes as to what is on trend. While many items are traditional British favourites, others have surprisingly crept up the list recently.

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New must-haves for those buying properties include a decent Wi-Fi connection and plenty of plug sockets.

Ben Wilson, speaking for GoCompare Home Insurance, commented to Mail Online that many people face the largest financial commitment of their lives when buying a house. So they need to be sure about the area and type of property they want before beginning their search.

Energy-efficiency and connectivity loom large for many people, he said, while electrical sockets have overtaken closeness to local amenities.

While double glazing, central heating and security remain the most desired features, broadband has risen to 59 per cent.

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Features Rated by Percentage

Central heating is an old favourite which is deemed the most important by 82 per cent, followed by double glazing (80 per cent) and the reassurance of secure windows and doors (74 per cent). Next are having a garden (69 per cent), reliable broadband (59 per cent) and lots of plug sockets (59 per cent).

Being near to local shops and amenities has now fallen to 58 per cent, while having a designated parking space is desirable to 53 per cent, with a reliable mobile phone signal also requested by 53 per cent. A good energy-efficiency measurement was important to 52 per cent, while the same percentage rated having at least two toilets.

Friendly neighbours are important for 51 per cent, and a bath is desired by 50 per cent. Next is a shower cubicle at 49 per cent, followed by cavity wall insulation (46 per cent) and a sitting room big enough for a large TV (42 per cent). A garage was important to 41 per cent, and a dining room was desirable to 40 per cent. A landline telephone was sought after by 39 per cent, and a new central heating system was rated by 37 per cent.

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