Pointers on How to Rock a Pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe suits have long been identified with bankers. The 1980s saw the advent of the popularity of the pinstripe suit among bankers. But as the decades progressed, men’s fashion has taken a 180° turn. Men became more daring when it came to mixing and matching pieces, even formal wear. Pinstripe suits are no longer just a “banker’s uniform”. They have become a formal wear staple that anyone can wear anywhere from the office to a wedding.

Pinstripe Bottoms

If you are aiming for an informal look, like attending a friend’s party or going to the office with no dress code, you can wear pinstripe pants and match them with a solid coloured shirt, whether light or dark coloured. For an everyday look, wear a plain crew neck shirt that hugs the body. It will create a dapper look that will surely make heads turn.

Clean and Defined Look

A clean and defined look completes a pinstripe suit. A clean-shaven face, crisp and wrinkle-free shirt and suit and shiny shoes are a must. For a formal ensemble, accessories must also be “clean”; no lousy and dangling accessories that will completely ruin the whole look. A nice watch should be enough for an accessory.

Do Away with Dress Shoes for a More Relaxed Look

Weekends and after work hours with friends and family should be relaxed. You can toss your dress shoes and favour low-cut trainers or sneakers. If the weather is nice, a simple shirt or button-down will suffice, otherwise, during cold days, a sneakers-and-pinstripe-pants ensemble can be paired with a scarf and/or a coat.


Pinstripe suits also look good with layered clothing. You can add a vest with the same or even a different pattern as the suit jacket and trousers, depending on how you can carry multiple patterns. During the winter, instead of a suit jacket, a long coat and a scarf and gloves of the same colour or shade will still give you a polished look while being dressed practically according to the weather.


Gone are the days when trousers swept the floor. The length of men’s pants these days have a small gap between the hem and the shoes, so if you want a polished look, go for black or dark coloured socks, whether plain or sporting an argyle design. When wearing trainers for an informal event, a slightly contrasting colour and design can be worn.

The versatility of pinstripe suits – from the boardrooms to formal events to the street – make more and more men pick them over the classic solid coloured suits. The more daring ones even wear them with other patterns and make the overall look as bold as they can make it look. Every man should have at least one pinstripe suit that can be matched with multiples shirts, shoes and accessories for varied looks. Check out www.timothyeverest.co.uk for more options.

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