Providing upsells and offers in your business parcels

Sending your customers parcels packed with your products is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to give your customers an opportunity to buy other items from you as well as give them surprise gifts and coupons. You should place these items in the parcel before the Couriers Camberley way, such as comes to collect and deliver your products.

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Here are some suggestions for how you can add upsells and offers to your parcels.  It can be a great way to reward your customers and to thank them for spending money with your business.

Coupons – add a coupon or a business card that gives the customer a discount on the next order that they make with you. It is important that you give them enough time to use this as there is nothing more frustrating than buying products from a company to then be given a discount code that needs to be used in the next seven days.

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Free products – if you have a new line of products coming in or you want to try and encourage your customers to look at other products you have available you could pop them in a surprise gift. This would usually be a sample size item and most companies only place this in parcels for customers when they spend a set amount of money.

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