Reasons to Celebrate Your Mum

Your mum is the best friend you’ll ever have. It might sound like a corny cliché, but a mother holds her child’s hand for a short time but holds their heart for a life time. Even though Mother’s Day has passed for another year, we should cherish our mother’s every single day. Here are some reasons why your mum is your best mate:

  1. She gives the best advice.

The advice might sound vague and generic like ‘Be nice to your brother’ or ‘Eat your greens’ but as you get older, her pearls of wisdom become more understandable and you realise she has always been sharing her knowledge and experiences with you for your own benefit. When you become a parent yourself, all that advice suddenly clicks into place.

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  1. She knows you better than you know yourself.

From the exact position of your birthmark to exactly how you like your toast, she knows. Even when you say you’re fine, she knows when you’re not. She is listening to you when you don’t even speak. Whether you call it intuition or that she cares enough to notice, there’s not much you can hide from her in the end.

  1. She’s your number one fan.

When you feel the world is out to get you, one call from your mum and a quick pep talk later, you’re ready to fight back. She’s the one person always in your corner. Show her how much you appreciate you with a special, personalized gift featuring a family photo or loving quote from her kids. Think about personalised Lap Trays from

  1. She protects you.

She will seriously reprimand anyone who messes with you, from the snotty kid next door to the head teacher. No-one messes with her kids! And heaven the first person who breaks your heart. No-one knows wrath until they’ve seen a mum dealing with someone who’s wronged their offspring.

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  1. You can cry in front of her.

Let’s face it, she was the first to hold you when you wailed as a baby and she’s still the one to turn to for a good cry. A cup of tea, a hug and some understanding is usually all it takes to cheer you up and convince you everything will be ok.

  1. She cooks the best meals ever.

Going home for homemade lasagne, roast dinners, casserole, fish and chips – whatever it is that brings childhood memories flooding back – nobody does it quite like mum.

  1. She treats you to expensive stuff you won’t buy yourself.

When you first move out, probably over half of your furniture was paid for by mum, who can’t bear the thought of you living without that expensive food mixer, electric can opener or frothy drinks maker!

  1. She’s the woman behind your success.

The fact that you always aced school tests? She patiently helped you with spellings, homework and maths for years. The school play where you played lead role? She spent weeks sewing your costume. You get the picture. If you think of all your shining moments and successes, your mum probably played ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in your shadow.

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