Replacing Old Windows: What You Need To Know

Window replacement is one of those projects that homeowners like to consider but they feel somewhat intimidated because it seems like a major overhaul. While it’s true that replacing old windows is a big job, it’s also among the most rewarding and satisfying of makeover opportunities for revitalizing the appearance of your home.

Old windows can bring down the value of your home for a number of reasons. They’re leaky, they look faded, they may have some form of rot, and the energy efficiency is drastically reduced so you’re paying more in energy costs just to heat and cool the house in the appropriate seasons.

Do these sound like the kind of windows you want on your home? If not, then window replacement is the way to go and when you decide to have the work done, you can trust Raleigh’s award-winning window company to get the job done professionally and at a price that fits your budget.

But maybe you’re still not quite convinced that replacement is right for you. While you’re still mulling over your decision here are some things you need to know about replacing the windows for your home and how you can benefit from this type of project:

Keep the Outdoors Outside

Windows have a very specific function – to protect the home from outdoor elements while providing a view on your property from inside. Unfortunately, old windows start to fail in that function through a variety of ways. The most prevalent among them is by letting in drafts through various gaps or cracks that develop over time.

Old windows can also allow more exterior noise pollution to get into the home which can be downright irritating for homes that are located near busy thoroughfares and high traffic areas. Not to mention noisy next door neighbors and other environmental audio annoyances in the vicinity.

Of course, there’s also the issue of precipitation. Even if you live in a region of the country that doesn’t see a considerable amount of rain, your old windows may still be deteriorated enough to let more than just drafts inside. Rain and snow can also get into those gaps and openings from old windows, potentially causing serious water damage inside your home. As you may have guessed, that can get pretty expensive to repair.

Now think about what might happen if you live in an area that gets above average rainfall over the course of a year. Those old windows are going to leak like a sieve.

That’s one of the many benefits of replacement windows. You can keep the outside from getting inside by reducing the amount of noise that gets in and eliminating any damaging moisture that could seep in. This is all feasible because new windows provide better insulating properties and increased protection against the elements.

Greater Energy Efficiency

New replacement windows are going to make your home far more energy efficient than those old ragged windows that allow your comfortable climate-controlled air to escape outdoors. After all, a window replacement job comes down to costs and whatever you may be planning to spend on a replacing your windows, it needs to be considered with respect to the amount of money you’re going to save on your energy bills afterward.

Putting in replacement windows can help you lower your energy costs by as much as 15% each year. The newest window models come with so many different features to help you regulate the interior temperature of your home more successfully. Window glass is a poor insulator and old windows can allow warm air to leak right through.

But new windows have multiple panes and insulating gas to prevent your heated air from sneaking outside through your glass. The panes are also designed to reduce the amount of heat that gets into the home on those hot sunny days and that can help you run your air conditioning less.

In both instances, your electric bill is going to be much lower.

Increased Home Value

Putting in replacement windows that offer these benefits will significantly improve your property value as potential buyers will also understand the benefits that these windows offer. Studies have shown that installing replacement windows can bring homeowners a return on their investment at approximately 92% on resale down the line.

It’s just another great reason why window replacement is the way to go and now that you know the facts about all the benefits you can enjoy from a home improvement project such as this, you may want to think about taking that next step and improving the look and feel of your home.

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