Have a Secured Web Browsing Experience With Hotspot

In this growing world of modernization and technological advancement, people are more into having a social presence online. More than half of the world today, uses social media to engage and communicate with their friends, co-workers and family members. They have a social profile that includes their personal details for easy recognition. On one hand it is beneficial for people to stay connected with people all around the globe. There is huge exchange of information and social reforms and it helps the society in being aware of critical issues. On the other hand it is a big vast platform of personal information, though the social media platforms provide full security in order to protect your personal information. However, with a little tweak in software and wrong intentions of a person can lead to identity theft and cyber crime. Privacy on the internet is a growing concern among people who are very frequent online. It does not just concerns the social media, but also other websites that you browse on a daily basis. These websites look harmless enough and most of them are in fact. However, the unethical hackers and scammers hack into the databases of these websites because they can be easily penetrated and steal your personal information. Some of the scam websites ask you for irrelevant details masked with relevant personal information and commit fraud. This is the reason why you have to be extra careful when you are on the internet surfing.

What to do when Surfing the Internet Online

There are several things that you must keep in mind while surfing the internet things like being on a secure server. You can check if the server you are on is secure or not by checking the web address of the website. If the address is HTTPS it is secured the “s” in http means it’s on the secure server. You can also check the review of the websites through online website review forums. Make sure you don’t download any suspicious links or files and keep your e-mail filter on to avoid phishing scams which are very common nowadays. You can also mask your IP address and change it to prevent your location being tracked. Most of the times the scammers track the IP address and plan their fraud accordingly.

You can use the software to mask your IP address and can view those websites that are banned in some countries like Facebook, twitter and YouTube etcetera. You can watch your favorite movie and sitcom from any location using the Hotspot. The software actually provides a protective cover to the user protecting his identity and privacy. You can use this shield to shop online on the e-commerce websites and your private and financial details will always remain safe. This shield is a revolutionary new protector of privacy and is very popular among people who care for their privacy.

There are certain things that you have to be aware of if you are using the internet. Make sure you don’t type your passwords and leave your profile signed in a public computer like in your office or cyber café. Always make sure you securely signed out of your profile after you have used it. Make sure the website where you are divulging your private information is a reputable one and has a good security and secured payment gateway. One casual mistake in the internet can lead to a lot of problems. Do not share your banking information like passwords and account numbers on the mail even if the person claims to be from your bank. Contact a cyber-security expert or the cybercrime division immediately if you find something suspicious.

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