SEO Trends 2018: How to correctly reference your site in 2018?

How to correctly reference your site SEO in google

As you follow our blog assiduously, you already know SEO well: keywords have no secrets for you and you know at your fingertips.

Like web design or social networks, the fantastic world of SEO follows its own trends. The Google algorithm is constantly changing. It evolves according to the research habits of the users. Nowadays, Internet users use their mobile more, they want shorter answers and faster and with time, their requests are transformed. That’s why a small update of 2018 SEO trends is needed. We reveal everything you need to know about the Google algorithm to put your site at the top of search results in 2018.

The featured snippet: Google’s 0 position

SEO Trends 2018: How to correctly reference your site in 2018?Can we be better positioned than the first place? Well yes. Google has created the position 0 or what is called in the jargon the “featured snippet”. This is an insert that is placed at the top of the results page with a summary of the answer in the form of a list of steps to follow.

Let’s try to understand our friend Google: it seeks to satisfy the user. He will, therefore, give him an answer as soon as possible, in other words, directly on the results page. You understand why this changes the situation: the visitor must no longer click on a link to obtain what he is looking for.

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How to adapt?

Lavoisier teaches us that “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. The direct answer is not invented by Google, it’s an excerpt from a website. This one will also appear a little lower in the list of the results. You have entered the challenge: if the “featured snippet” comes from your site, it’s the jackpot, otherwise, it’s the oubliettes.

Google chose this site based on what it believes is the best answer to the demand of Internet users. To take this coveted place, you must ask yourself what question your customers are asking and answer it clearly and precisely. You double your chances by structuring your text with bullets or lists. We do not turn around the bush anymore, now we have to go straight to the point!

Netizens have longer and more specific queries

SEO Trends 2018: How to correctly reference your site in 2018?If you have to be more specific, it’s because the internet users are too. Over time (and a lot of experience) they learned that it was more useful to type “rain boots size 36” than to simply write “boots” and then search through the proposed results. On the other hand, Google has also improved the relevance of its results to provide consumers with more accurate answers.

How to adapt?

To optimize the SEO of your site, you must understand the specific expectations of your target audience. In concrete terms, this amounts to targeting the right keywords or groups of keywords. Those who accurately describe the expectations of your market.

Here is an example:

You have a pizzeria on a wood fire on the heights of Google ranking factor. You do not have much chance to stand out if you target as a keyword: “pizza”. This one will already be taken by Domino, Pizza Hut or the other giants of the sector. On the other hand, if you position yourself on “Montmartre firewood pizza”, you are sure to be easily found by customer vote. For your offer to meet its demand, it’s simple, be specific.

Pro tips:

Adding a blog to your site will allow you to be better referenced. By writing an article on “the best mozzarella of Montmartre” or “how to find the right ingredients to make a pizza on the Butte”, you use keywords to appear at the top of the list of results.

Searches are now on mobile

SEO Trends 2018: How to correctly reference your site in 2018?In 2015, mobile searches surpassed computer searches. Since then, the trend has only been confirmed. And since Google is still in the game, he announced in November 2016 the launch of its new index ” mobile first “. From now on, the search engine analyzes the mobile content to determine the ranking offered to users browsing on smartphones and tablets. And since today half of Internet users are actually mobile users, the mobile version of your site becomes at least as important for your SEO as its classic version on the computer.

Google also keeps a close eye on AMP sites. Small reminder, the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) is a way to build web pages so that they appear instantly on your smartphone – without loading delay.

How to adapt?

This means that the mobile version of your site must be absolutely flawless. If you have any blog or website, it is automatically optimized for smartphone and tablet. However, take a look at the Mobile Editor to make sure you have a nice navigation and a perfect design. It is no longer a question of joking with small screens.

Voice search is increasingly used

SEO Trends 2018: How to correctly reference your site in 2018?Siri and Alexa, does that tell you anything? Come on, a little effort, we’re sure you know them. Or maybe their voice is familiar to you? That’s it, you found! These are the famous voice recognition systems. They are the ones we talk to when everyone thinks we are talking alone, in our car or in our living room. The number of voice searches is still relatively low. On the other hand, their influence on the SEO gains more and more ground. Their main feature: they are long searches (we all like to converse with our mobile) but require a very short answer and very simple. As for example the weather, the score of a match, or a calculation. We do not usually expect these dear ladies to read us the morning paper.

How to adapt?

As soon as there are a short answer and simple to give, Google makes sure to display it directly on its results page. That’s what makes people happy. You, on the other hand, much less, since your users no longer have any reason to click on your link. The solution gives them a new reason to visit your site!

For that, create a more complex content, that is to say, that cannot be summarized in three words. By showing your expertise and giving a quality response to your users, you make them want to know more about the subject. Show them that you have things to tell them and that they still have a lot to learn (from you, of course).

Google reserves the biggest piece of cake

We will disappoint you, but it is our duty to tell you: Google is not your best friend. It is all a company, which – like all businesses – seeks to make money. As a result, it redirects most traffic to paid links or websites that belong to them. No, not all sites are free and equal in law. It turns out that those owned by Google – such as YouTube – or present on Google My Business, are born with certain privileges. So, if the place of a best friend is available again, we want to apply!

How to adapt?

You will not gain anything by playing the rebels. This time, it will be necessary to enter the ranks. To be better positioned in the results pages, you have to promote your business on Google sites. If you have a physical business, you must have your profile on Google My Business and make sure you are referenced on Google Map. In any case, create a YouTube channel and post videos regularly. Do not take it as punishment, it’s a great opportunity to diversify and learn new skills.

Cross-channel marketing is a necessity

SEO Trends 2018: How to correctly reference your site in 2018?SEO is important, it’s essential even, but it’s not the only way to create traffic to your site. On the Net, competition is tough and search engines are not always easy to tame. You must diversify to increase your chances of converting new customers.

How to adapt?

To promote your business online, you must have a multi-channel strategy. In addition to SEO, use social networks, create a blog, and run CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns. Play on all terrains to maximize your chances of creating traffic to your site.

For example, by putting your website forward on Facebook, you can improve your stats – like the time spent on your pages. The better your numbers, the more Google will trust you and put you in a good position on its results pages. So use several promotional techniques, which complement each other, to try to hit the jackpot!

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