Should you choose a marquee for your big day?

If you’re planning your wedding in 2019, it can be hard to find a venue that ticks every box. So, why not create your own venue, wherever you want? Here are some top reasons to plan your big day in a marquee:

Choose your location

When you hire a marquee for your celebrations, you have tons of flexibility in your location choice. With a fixed venue, you are limited in terms of location and fixtures and fittings but not so with a marquee. All that is required is some space, with possibly some facilities close by. You can have your marquee in the middle of a field, in the grounds of a castle or even in your back garden!

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Customise your day

As well as tons of flexibility with location, there is also flexibility in how you decorate. Some venues might have limits on what you can and can’t do but with a marquee, the only limit is your imagination. You have freedom in the number of guests you invite, set up the marquee in a variety of formations and decorate with any theme you fancy. You get to choose what furniture you have and whether you want a dancefloor or not.

Stunning views

Due to the portable nature of a marquee, setting up outside means you can take advantage of stunning settings and wonderful views. It’s also easier to allow your guests to spill out into the countryside too, with a better flow between inside and out. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, marquees can come with windows, meaning everyone can enjoy the surroundings whatever the weather. You can set up your marquee on a beach, in the countryside, in the woods or in some beautiful gardens.

Food Flexibility

Choosing a venue normally means you have to use their caterers. Having a wedding in a marquee frees you up to choose whatever food and catering options you desire. Whether you want a full-on sit-down meal or something a little more casual, it’s your call.  It also means you could have a Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham company come along to serve the drinks at your wedding to which will be needed for the speeches.

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Choosing a marquee is a great solution for those who want to stick to a budget. Because of the sheer flexibility, it’s easy to keep costs down and call the shots over what you can and can’t afford. You only need a few crucial items and the rest can be decided entirely on what you can afford. There are no wedding organiser or venue salespeople, selling you packages which take you over budget.


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