Small bedroom lighting: ceiling and wall lights

Beyond natural light, the lighting of a small or large bedroom must take into account artificial light, which will give different characteristics to the place. In this note we will focus on the art of lighting small rooms, to gain space, using wall or ceiling accessories that provide uniform light without shadows or dark areas.

How should the lighting of a small bedroom be?

The lighting for a small bedroom must have as its main mission to optimize the space, so we will not think about floor lamps. In that sense, we should focus on wall lights for the bedroom or on ceiling lights, which may be pendants, indirect wall lights, or recessed spotlights.

However, we can give it a secondary intention of harmony or sophistication, according to the types of interior decoration that we have in mind or that is in the bedroom.

What color gives more light to a room?

Since the lighting of a small bedroom must comply with characteristics such as being uniform, harmonious, efficient, and avoiding dark areas, we should think more about a type of warm light.

However, we will have different types of lamps to put in the bedroom, depending on the purpose. General lighting, which should ideally be warm. In addition, we will have ambient lighting, which is merely decorative, and the specific one that will facilitate specific tasks, such as reading.

How should the lights in a bedroom be according to the type of lighting?

Lighting for a small bedroom will be different from what is needed for living room lighting or kitchen lighting. In the case of a room, we must consider the different focuses of attention. We will have the general one, which can be done with bedroom ceiling lighting, but when we think of other lights, we must have in mind different specific uses, such as study lights on the desk, reading light next to the bed, and of course comfort. , allowing for example that it can be turned on and off both at the entrance of the room and near the bed.

The intensity of the light or whether it is warm or cold light will then depend on the purpose that we give to it.

Small bedroom ceiling lighting

Ceiling lighting for bedrooms, especially small ones, has a utility to optimize spaces. Choosing between pendants, wall lights or recessed spotlights will depend on the specific approaches we want to give to light and the role it plays within lighting.

The recessed spotlights may fulfill specific functions, while the pendants may be general, for example. In the lighting of a small bedroom, the lights will fulfill a very different design and decoration mission than dining room lamps, for example. That is why it is very important to always be clear about the objective that lighting fulfills in each space.

How should the lighting be according to the type of bedroom?

Working on the lighting of a bedroom will also depend on the decoration that we decide to have in it. Choosing to light for a terrace, which is an exterior, will not be the same as knowing how to illuminate a dark room, a double, or a youth room.

Small double bedroom lighting

The lighting for double bedrooms is important, because it considers, among other things, to provide warmth and specific lighting for two people.

In this case, you must take advantage of the space, so ceiling lights will be very useful, as well as specific lights, near each side of the bed, which may be lamped with shades, ideally in neutral, ocher, or greys, so that they produce a more intimate and welcoming space.

Small youth bedroom lighting

The lights for youth bedrooms will have a lot to do with ambient lighting, which has a lot to do with the decorative aspect, precisely so that they can give a touch of their own to the bedroom. In this case, the garlands of lights will play a very interesting role, or even the LED lighting, which will not only be efficient but will also be able to give it some entertaining touches with other colors.

Modern Small Bedroom Lighting

LED lights for modern bedrooms to seem like an excellent option, but then how to illuminate a room with LEDs? The truth is that lighting with this type of light is specifically very comfortable and optimal when it comes to taking advantage of small spaces. With this type of lighting, it will be possible to have efficiency, and low consumption, but also, they have a minimum emission of heat and allow to regulation of the intensity of the light. Everything you need to make a modern bedroom a comfortable and pleasant place.

Modern small bedroom lighting

Finally, it does not matter if what you are looking for is lighting for a small bedroom or lamps for outdoor terraces, because at Rosen you will always find the best for decorating your spaces.

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