So what does the cold weather do to your skin?

It’s that time of year again. Winter isn’t just coming − winter is here and the season of snow, parties and presents is upon us. It is a wonderful time of year for so many reasons, but cold weather can present you with some considerable challenges when it comes to your skin.

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What are the challenges?

Firstly, cold air has less humidity than warm air and therefore dries your skin out, leaving it reddened, dull or even flaky. When your skin is irritated by the cold, it is more easily damaged. Icy winds blowing across your face can make this even worse, while cold rain will wash the natural oil from your skin rather than replace moisture. Even those lovely, cold bright days of winter sun can be bad for your skin. We often forget to use a sunblock or SPF moisturiser at this time of year, but the sun can still harm our skin.

Staying indoors doesn’t help!

The other side of the story is that we all have our central heating on to combat the winter weather. This makes our homes lovely and toasty, but is less than kind to our skin. Central heating, car heaters and even those romantic open fires all dry the air and also our skin. We also tend to dress warmly and our clothing − particularly woollen clothing − can make our skin irritated and dry.

What should we do?

In the depths of winter our skin can look dull and lifeless. You can find a number of treatments and procedures that can help with brightening your look to match your party mood. You could give your skin something to celebrate!

More than just appearances

It is important to take care of your skin in the winter. You need to replenish your skin’s moisture and protect it from the elements to keep it healthy, which means a good moisturiser is vital. Damaged skin can look dull and uneven and it is worth treating yourself to a boosting and refreshing treatment. If you are looking for a more youthful appearance and a reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles on your face you might want to look at a Gloucester Botox company such as who can help you out.

Look after your skin this festive season and remember that a little protection and pampering can go a long, long way.

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