Some Dos And Don’ts Of Resigning

When you feel it’s time to resign from your job and move on, what is the best way to handle it? Here are some important dos and don’ts about quitting your job so you’ll have no regrets:


Write a polite resignation letter even if the resignation has been done over the phone or email. If you can’t be polite then keep it simple. State you are leaving and the last day of work. Don’t get personal or angry. Just keep it standard, simple and to the point.

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Ask for a reference from your boss and colleagues. You might even consider asking them to complete a LinkedIn recommendation which will be available straight away for you to use in your job searching.

Work your notice period. If you don’t want to leave on a sour note, be sure to be helpful during your notice period. You may want to be involved in the recruitment or training of your replacement. If you need advice with a Constructive Dismissal Claim, go to


Get angry. You may have had a terrible experience but anger rarely solves anything. Don’t write anything negative in the heat of the moment. Remember that your resignation letter will be kept on your HR file for many years and could come back to haunt you!

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Be negative to your colleagues. You’ll have your reasons for leaving but don’t spend your last days ripping into the company.

Brag about your new job. Nobody likes a boaster and you could put a few noses out of joint by lording it over your soon to be ex-colleagues.

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