How to start a children’s parties decoration business

How to start a decorating business for children’s parties? It is not enough to decorate a room with Disney drawings, this business covers not only the decoration but also the organization and animation of events for children.

Why is it a good business to organize children’s parties?children's parties

The parents of today are complacent with their children, they want to have unforgettable moments, they would do everything for them; but at the same time, modern parents are very busy people and will delegate the organization of birthday celebrations to third parties.

They can make the list of the preparations for the party; but the logistics, the organization and the development of the event always delegate it to professional hands. For this reason, today is dedicated to the decoration and organization of children’s parties is a good business.


1. What is better a clown or a magician?children's parties

One of these two characters will be responsible in most cases to entertain the demanding children. The clown is the most traditional, but the magician likes it for its aura of mystery. Other options are superhero characters, such as Superman, Spiderman, wonder woman or the character of the movie that is fashionable. The fact is that to start as an organizer of children’s parties you must disguise or hire who does.

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2. How to decorate a children’s party?

The decoration of the room depends on the age of the honoree and the children invited. For a party for children under 2 years old, pastel colors and Disney characters are acceptable. For celebrations with children around the age of ten, darker decorations are allowed, for examples themes that allude to Batman would be fine. The decoration also depends on if the party is for a girl or for a baroncito. For the scenography, you can help with castles and all kinds of scenarios made of polystyrene. The balloons will be the items that you will use the most.

3. What music to put in a party?

A preponderant point in all kinds of parties is music, it is the soundtrack of a special moment that you are helping to create. In addition to having a good selection of children’s songs, you must have a good music player, some powerful speakers, and those musical tracks that are used for the games that the animator performs.

4. Who hands out the cake and ice cream?children's parties

Your service must be complete, that is why you must take care of the decoration of the cake and serve as a waiter. You must distribute ice cream and soda. I advise you to have alliances with ice cream shops and pastry shops to make ice creams and cakes according to your requirements. Learn from the banquet business.

5. Rent and decorate the tables and seats:

Lets also the rental service of tables and seats. With this strategy, you will earn more money and be truthful as a business that provides a complete service. And of course it is not about delivery tables and chairs these should be clean and appropriately decorated according to the occasion.

6. Are pinatas still used?

Yes, it is a tradition that parents do not want to disappear. In many parties is the central character; In the innocence of children, the little guests will forget the honoree and will be attentive all afternoon of the piñata. Fill it with small toys that do not get damaged when falling and that do not hurt the kids. If you like all these toys, I recommend you set up a toy business.

7. Video and photography of children’s parties:children's parties

If you want to start in this business of decoration and organization of parties I suggest you make a good video equipment and cameras. It is not enough to take photographs with a cell phone or a compact camera, no moving or dark photographs; It is necessary to be professional in the business of photography, a professional photographer with its lights and suitable equipment is required.

8. Dolls and games:

These items help create the atmosphere of childhood fun. The dolls will be decorative, but with the games, you must take care that they are safe for the children. Dummies and inflatable games are usually used because they are cheap and reduce the risk of blows. The most popular game and the one that most appeals to children are that kind of cage where they jump and jump. Provides security by being closed and inside has good damping.

9. Regulation and permits for parties:

Given that this business deals with children, it is important that you are aware of and comply with all the regulations and permits that your country requires for this kind of events. Make sure the games you use are safe. If you distribute food, they must have all the health requirements. At no time do you handle Chinese toys with toxicity hazards?

10. A decoration of day-care centers:children's parties

The business of decorating children’s parties is not limited to birthdays. There are other very profitable business fronts: school gardens and day care centers for children. Schools have to paint their classrooms every year, and you can provide this service. Usually, these rooms are painted with characters from children’s stories; it is then a question of honing your skills as an illustrator and painter.

What people do I need to organize a children’s party?

As an entrepreneur in this business, you will be the leader, but you will need help. This will be a company where employees in charge. But do not see them as subordinates but as collaborators. Of the ten previous tips on party decoration, it can be concluded that you will need:

  • Recreationists
  • Waiters
  • A clown or a magician
  • Photographers
  • Painters
  • Logistics staff
  • Animators

My last advice is that although your best advertisement will be word of mouth consider setting up a web page. In this, you will show your services and you will be able to convince your clients that you are an excellent decorator and organizer of children’s parties.

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