How to stop your home from looking dated

Before you start your home makeover, consider getting rid of dated items or perhaps upcycling for a fresh look. By simply taking an “out with the old” approach first, you will instantly update the look and save some of your budget for adding a real “wow” factor. Here are some tips.

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Conflicting or mis-matched prints

Too many prints and patterns make a room look busy and inharmonious. Go for neutrals, especially for the larger spaces like walls, and use prints sparingly. A quick change of cushion covers and removing some of the more glaring items freshens the look without a drastic change.

Heavily patterned furniture

Try upcycling with chalk paint as heavy patterns are busy, confuse the eye and date very quickly. The internet has a wealth of tips for updating tired décor such as

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Floral Curtains

This is definitely a contemporary no-no! Replace with plain, light or subtly textured curtains or blinds to blend with your Leicester double glazing. New windows can have a dramatically strong impact on contemporary design and prove a sound investment. Look for a good provider, such as

Animal ornaments

These are best left in the children’s room as they have no place in the contemporary chic new look.

Bright wallpaper

This is so last decade! Bright colours are dominating and close in the walls. For drama, stick to a feature wall or add a small number of pops of colour in soft furnishings or ornaments.

The wrong colour

Remember avocado bathroom suites? Once must-haves, they dated quickly. High-value fixed items that are not easy to replace, such as baths and tiles, need careful consideration before committing to the avant-garde, so ask yourself how long you can live with it. Tone it down or go neutral and accessorise.

Bathroom carpet

Carpet is an unsuitable material for damp environments, so consider the many exciting floor finishes to choose from.

Everything must match

Two on either side of the mantelpiece and matching accessories throughout is too stilted and a dated look. Quirky and offbeat is individual, so look for tasteful mix-and-match items with feature pieces.

Toilet rugs

The unsuitability of the materials aside, you do not want to lower the tone of the smallest room. Throw them away and do without for a much more chic look!

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