Tasty Raspberry Treats

With Spring beginning and Summer on its way now is the time that people start to enjoy more and more of the summer fruits and berries. There are so many different varieties to choose from – strawberries, loganberries, blueberries, raspberries. Let’s take a look at the tasty treats you can enjoy with those luscious raspberries and Raspberry Food flavouring.

Tasty Raspberry

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You can find good raspberries in most supermarkets and they are also a staple at ‘pick your own’ farms. For Raspberry Food flavouring take a look at http://www.foodieflavours.com/shop/flavours/natural-flavouring/raspberry/

Here are some ideas for Tasty Raspberry:

  • Raspberry Smoothie

A refreshing and very easy way to utilise your raspberries is in a smoothie. Simply add ½ pint of washed raspberries to ½ a cup of yogurt and 1 banana diced. Place in a blender and mix together. Then just pour and drink

  • Raspberry Shortbread

Raspberry Shortbread is a delicious twist on the traditional biscuit. The recipe from Genius Kitchen is incredibly tasty. You need: butter, egg yolks, granulated sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, icing sugar and raspberry jam.

  • Summer Fruit Pudding

Tasty Raspberry

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Easy to make as it just requires some white bread and a selection of fruit. You will need a bowl or basin lined with cling film. Places slices of bread, no crusts, round the bowl and pour in the fruit. Put in the fridge and let the juices from the fruit soak in.

  • Raspberry Ripple Ice-Cream

Why not make your own rather than buying it you’ll only need to have some double cream and full fat milk to makeup the ice cream with a vanilla pod for flavouring? The raspberry sauce with need a fair bit of caster sugar but you just need to melt it a up and swirl it into the ice cream milk in a marbling an effect which very satisfying.

If you don’t want to buy them or use natural food flavouring, then why not a have a go at growing them. They are very easy to grow, and you don’t need a massive garden. As long as you have a bit trellis to grow them up against they will quite happily climb up and come back year after year. At least you’ll know that when the Autumn comes you will have a whole bunch of them to use in your recipes above and you can have the bragging rights of knowing that you did it pretty much all from scratch. Don’t forget that Raspberries are full of anti-oxidant’s that can prevent help to detox the body and they are also a tasty way to get more fibre in your diet. Very importantly that contain ellagic acid. This handy stuff can help to prevent cancer. This berry really is a superstar.

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