Tensile fabric structures flexibility

One of the main benefits of using tensile fabric structures is the flexibility that they offer. They can be used in a wide range of environments and to create structures in a variety of different sizes, both on a short-term and more permanent basis.

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The choice of fabrics

When designing a tensile fabric structure, whether it’s just a fabric roof or whole building, the most important aspect is the choice of fabrics. The properties of modern fabrics provide designers with a material that is extremely versatile and highly engineered, to enable them to create the exact feel and look that they want.

Some of the options available include a transparent fabric to give the illusion that the inside and outside spaces blend into one; a translucent fabric that makes the most of the natural light, but in a way that shades people from the glare; and opaque or blocked out fabrics that mean you have complete control over the style and level of light in the venue.

There’s also the ability to specify the particular weight of the fabric and the style of base cloth that is used. The typical fabrics include a PVC coated polyester, a canvas and poly canvas mix and acrylic.

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Temporary uses

Tensile Fabric Structures, such as the fabric roof options available from manufacturers like spatialstructures.com/building-systems-explained, are ideal for temporary buildings, providing a quick, easy and cost-effective method of construction. The ease of construction is one of the key features of a fabric building and it takes around one-third to half of the time taken to build a metal structure, which also results in cost savings.

Exterior structures and covers

The beauty of tensile fabric is that it can be turned into magnificent and durable outdoor structures, as well as being used for internal designs. These structures are extremely durable and long-lasting and can remain in place for at least 20 years if they are designed and erected properly and the fabric is correctly tensioned.

Stunning interiors

Another way that tensile fabric can be used is to transform the interiors of buildings, either for a temporary event or as a permanent feature. This could create a more aesthetically pleasing ceiling to cover an industrial structure or could be fitted with different lighting styles to provide more options. It really is the future of buildings.

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