The British Film industry through the ages.

The British film industry has always tried to compete at a level it’s never been able to. Faced with the endless budgets and star power of the United States and Hollywood it’s no wonder. We share a common language but when it comes to films the public usually go with what’s made over the Atlantic. That’s not to say that Britain hasn’t had it’s successes. Chariots of Fire and Slumdog Millionaire are notable Oscar winners and for technically special effects Britain is a huge contributor. Star Wars, the James Bond series and Harry Potter were all made here.

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In the 1930’s the British film going public was huge. Until television established itself in the 1950’s it was the main form of screen entertainment came from the Cinema and there were plenty of options. You needed to have a decent reception to watch anything and that’s still true today. A TV Aerial Installation Gloucester based company like steve unett aerials ltd can make sure that it’s not an issue.

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As the years rolled by it The British Film industry had plenty of material to work with during and following the Second World War. In which we serve, Went the day well?, and a Matter of Life and Death are three great examples. However they were fighting a losing battle and soon the steady import of American films began to dominate. How could John Mills compete against James Dean?

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