The different stages of property construction

Building something seems quite a simple process, from a distance at least. A complicated series of operations need to be completed in turn before the build is done. Building Companies have to observe these stages.

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  1. Land purchase, Planning and consent. The site needs to be purchased. Building development companies are searching for places that cost little, both to the environment and the company’s pocket. For this reason, they will look at Brownfield sites for likely locations. Once the land is purchased, the plans for the estate or the building are submitted to the local authority. If this is successful, a date is set for the development to begin.
  2. The Groundworks. If the land is on a brownfield site, there may be a case of land remediation required to clear the soil or protect it from Radon Gas. The land is then cleared of turf and topsoil plus trees that can legally be removed.
  3. The Laying of foundations. As per the plan, the soil is dug down the required amount of feet for the foundation depths. Reinforced concrete is put in place that will form the basis from which the building will sit.
  4. Build time. With the setting of the concrete, the construction can finally begin. Whether using traditional construction materials or new prefabricated material, even wood, is the longest part of the process.

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Once this is complete, there is the task of checking the build quality. Employing the services of is a very wise move to get it all done.

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