The effects of Cerebral Palsy on the body

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects many individuals throughout the UK. Most people are diagnosed with the condition during childhood and they may need to have a variety of treatments, medications and support from Mobility Aids, like the ones from Ability Superstore in order to carry out everyday activities safely.

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Although symptoms of Cerebral Palsy can vary between individuals the one issue that is common across all people is problems with movement and posture. The severity of this can, of course, alters from person to person. The treatment options that are given can include medications to help with the immediate symptoms, physical therapy to help with muscle strength, occupational therapy to help improve posture, recreational therapy which again helps to build strength in a fun way, speech and language therapy if the individual’s ability to speak, swallow and eat are affected.

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In terms of mobility, cerebral palsy can cause problems with balance which can lead to the individual needing to use a walking stick or frame as well as instability. Some individuals can also find that their muscles become tired over time and they may choose to use a wheelchair on these occasions. If the individuals upper limbs are affected they may need support with everyday activities such as getting dressed, bathing themselves and holding a knife and fork.

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