The importance of shop security

Shop keepers the world over face the same issues. How can they increase profit? How can they reduce the margin between themselves and the supplier? How can they not transfer costs to the consumer? However successful they are, these questions will always remain. Retail is not a static industry. It is one of the most fast-paced and innovative industries that is part of the UK economy today.

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There is one factor that the retailer can do something about. The cost does not even need to be that excessive. The question of shop security is also a massive priority, and there are plenty of options open to the retailer to protect their domain.

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The idea is to take some of the burdens of the staff to be on constant vigilance for the shoplifter or just plain anti-social behaviourist that comes into the shop. The addition of a range of Security Seal options, like those available from, can really help to reduce the amount of theft instore.

These seals are attached to high-end products and cannot be removed by the customer. They can only be released from the seal with a purchase from the tills and a staff member removing them. Even if they do get out of the shop with the tag on, it will still be attached to the item. This then suggests to anyone who sees the person with it or wearing it that the article might have been gotten by illegal means.

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