The top benefits of industrial shelving

Organising a warehouse or storage facility can be a hard task. It can be both time-consuming and expensive, so it is necessary to find storage solutions that are practical and flexible. Many warehouse managers have found metal industrial shelving an ideal solution, so let’s take a look at the top benefits.

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Quick and easy assembly

It can be difficult to take time out to reorganise a storage facility; therefore, quick and straightforward assembly is essential. Industrial shelving units are strong but also very easy to put together – they can be assembled in minutes with a mallet.

Strong and durable

One of the most important things to consider with any storage solution is whether it will be safe and strong, as the stock and the employees who work in the warehouse must not be put at risk. Metal shelving is extremely sturdy and there are ranges of shelving units that do not require bolts or screws, as these could work loose. Instead, boltless shelving units are designed with extremely strong connections and are durable and hardwearing.

For weighty loads, such as industrial equipment, there are heavy-duty shelves that can safely and securely take substantial loads. For lighter loads, there are more lightweight options, so racking with varying specifications can be used in separate areas to accommodate different stock.

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Affordable and widely available

Although metal shelving units are very strong and reliable, they remain one of the most affordable storage solutions and are suitable for many businesses, whatever their budget. They are also widely available; for example, if you require industrial shelving Ireland, you will find many stockists.

Improved visibility

As industrial shelving is open, the visibility of stock is increased. This can improve the picking process and boost productivity, as it is easy to see where everything is and access it without too much effort.

Adjustable and customisable

One of the main benefits of industrial shelving or racking is that it is customisable and adjustable. Shelving can be added to or extended to increase capacity in certain areas. Metal shelves are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning that storage can easily be customised to suit different items.

Maximising space

As industrial shelving comes in varying sizes and the shelves can be arranged close together or further apart, it is possible to maximise the space in your warehouse.

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