Three Things to Do in your Garden at this time of Year

Although we all love the festive season, the weather at this tome of the year can leave us feeling a little gloomy. Whilst many of us enjoyed being outdoors and spending relaxed summer evenings in the garden earlier in the year, now is the time to make sure that your garden is well looked after throughout the winter months – here are some things that you can do…

Take Care of the Trees – Trees are a beautiful addition to the garden, but it is important at this time of the year to make sure that they are not posing a hazard to your home. If you have a tree near your house, get a professional like this tree surgeon Bournemouth based to come and ensure that the tree is safe for the winter.

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Plant Spring Bulbs – Now is a good time to get planting those bulbs for the spring. Flowers such as crocus, snowdrops and daffodils are all early bloomers and signs of the spring and are a welcome sight to see in the garden at the end of a long winter.

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Look after your Garden Furniture – It has been good to you all summer so now is the time to take care of your garden furniture! Give it a new coat of paint or a treatment if it needs one and take it inside or put covers on it to protect it from the bad weather over the winter months.

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