Top Restaurants around the World

Every year, restaurateurs, travellers and fine diners from around the world try to look up for the best restaurants. Usually, people search for the top eateries especially when they are planning to travel with their families. As such, a list of the best restaurants has been drawn up, which might facilitate the task of deciding where to head. These eating places are sometimes expensive since they consist of at least a degree of luxury. But on a good note, you’ll find it very worthwhile!

Noma, (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Here, the cost of a meal for two persons, without wine is set at £450. After losing the first ranking back in the year of 2013, Noma is firing on all types of cylinders nowadays. Situated in an ancient whaling granary, the restaurant is the origin of “new Nordic” cuisine. It relies exclusively on ingredients which are obtainable in the region itself.

However, the restaurant is now pushing far beyond its early days of reindeer lichen and foraged sea buckthorn. These days, dinner might start with an entire kohlrabi, packed with its fermented juice so that it tastes and looks like a coconut drink! In the end, Noma continues to provide the most engaging service in the world!

Osteria Francescana, (Modena, Italy)

Here, the cost of a meal for two persons, without wine is set at £250- £350! Behind a splendid exterior, the world’s most touchy chef, Massimo Bottura, cooks flights of memory and fantasy. On top of that he is one amongst the most creative chefs as well. His remarkable lacquered eel, which he serves with polenta and saba to represent the corn and apples the eel would encounter on its way up the nearby Po river. Bottura dishes are prepared more reminiscent by the stories that accompany them.

Massimo Bottura, however, had to come a long way before being what he is today. People from all around the world appreciate his works and dishes. For that reason, Osteria Francescana has a great reputation globally. It is similar to Robin Hood Bingo online site. This bingo site started from the bottom, and today, it is recognised as UK’s most popular online gaming site. This is due to the great entertainment that it provides to countless of players through its impressive games. You can visit site – Robin Hood Bingo anytime you want!

Celler de Can Roca, (Girona, Spain)

Here, the cost of a meal for two persons, without wine is set at £280- £350. This beautiful restaurant is run by three brothers – pastry chef Jordi, sommelier Josep, and head chef Joan. This eatery is believed to have the most beautiful dining room in Europe.

A Roca meal amazes with its magic (a starter called Eat the World that captures, in 5 separate bites, the tastes of the 5 different cuisines, a dessert named as Messi’s Goal, with a crystallised pitch, and a plate side iPod playing the roars of the troop, what it is like when Barcelona’s talisman Lionel Messi scores), while staying firmly fixed in the savours of the Mediterranean.

These three restaurants are amongst the best in the world. If you are visiting Denmark, Italy or Spain at some point, then you can perhaps dine there. Whether it’s with your family, partner, or alone, you can be sure to feel a one of a kind experience!

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