Totally Unique Wedding Favours

Everyone wants their special day to be remembered for being unique, so why not think outside the box and update a classic wedding day tradition like the wedding favours. Gone are the days of the bag of almonds (which remain a perfectly acceptable option if you love almonds!) However, for those who want to shake it up, there’s a massive variety of special and off-the-wall gifts for your guests.  Here are just a few ideas:

Personalised Lollipops

For those with a sweet-tooth, personalised lollipops for your guests are a quirky and delicious favour idea. Whether you have them made up with guests initials or your initials and the date, these sweet treats will be a huge hit with both young and old.

A Rubik’s Cube

Inviting a brainy bunch? Give your guests something to puzzle over with the ultimate brainteaser. It will act as a great keepsake and supply guests of all ages with entertainment on their journey home.

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Adult Colouring

Unleash the artist in everyone with some adult colouring gifts as part of your favours. You could even hold a competition – kids versus grown-ups. Adult colouring is very popular and once your guests give it a try, they won’t want to stop! As long as your guests aren’t too distracted to enjoy the beautiful venue you choose for the big day. For a stunning Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue, visit

Personalised Nutella

People go crazy for Nutella and if you haven’t visited their website yet, what are you waiting for? You can order personalised labels for each guest to place on their very own bottle of the delicious spread!

Christmas Crackers

A wedding near Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give crackers as favours. You can personalise them and fill them with goodies of your choice to ensure every guest gets a little surprise on receiving one.


What do we love more than a soothing cup of tea? Why not use unusual tea flavour sachets for your wedding favours? You can get personalised teabags with unique flavours, such as toffee apple.

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Festival Wristbands

For a relaxed, festival themed occasion, wristbands with your name and date make a great, fun gift for your guests that can be kept as a keepsake of the event.

Personalised Lego

For kids and big kids alike, personalised lego figures make an unusual and incredibly fun choice for favours. Figures of you and your partner are available, and if you have a small guest list, why not consider personalised figures of each person attending?

Personalised Drinks Coaster

Another great idea that can be kept as a special keepsake is a personalised drinks coaster. Whether you choose your names and the date or an uplifting or humorous message, they’re sure to raise a smile.


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