What TV trends should you look out for this year?

As with each year before it, 2018 is on track to introduce and expand on television trends that will see a change in how shoppers purchase their next TV At the forefront is new technology that brings bigger screens and a better-quality picture, but what else can you expect?

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Increasing sizes

It’s no surprise that with another year comes another influx of bigger and better televisions. Whilst most homes are more than comfortable with their choice of a 40-inch TV, there may soon be a rise in screens of up to 75 inches. With consumers spending more time on their phones and tablets, purchases of larger TVs are on the increase, with more people willing to spend significantly more on their main television, which tends to also include an increase in size.


Whilst the previous year’s trend of 4K quality is only just becoming a popular feature in homes across the country, broadcast trials of 8K are currently taking place in Japan. However, consumers may have to wait a while before getting the opportunity to purchase an 8K TV.

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Another advancement in new tech comes with self-illuminating LED, which will get rid of the need for a backlight. This new technology allows for an advanced range of vivid colours and deep blacks to make viewing more pleasurable. There may also be an increase in HDR-compatible television sets available, which will allow consumers to see just how big of a difference it makes.

With an array of new tech on the way, now may be the time to ensure that you are prepared for the advancement in new televisions. If you need help getting set up in Bath TV aerial installation, assistance and advice is available from websites such as Bath TV aerial installation.

Interactive TV

Voice-activated products, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, have become popular in recent years, with consumers relishing in the idea of a digital assistant in their home. This year, you can expect to see Smart TVs adopt voice activation in order for consumers to access television content. They may also go as far as interacting with other smart devices in their home, such as those controlling the heating and lighting.

With so many exciting prospects on the way, which are you looking forward to?

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