Using Wood Pallets for Interior Design

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is not new, but increasingly it’s ringing true as more of us are repurposing things and upcycling grows in popularity. It’s now a huge trend in interior design, and everyone, from a first-time DIYer to high-end designers, is giving it a go.

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Something from Nothing

Upcycling a piece of furniture is popular, and so too is giving new life to bits of scrap metal and bits of wood. Wood in particular gives the scope to create a truly unique piece at a very reasonable price. Wooden pallets are becoming a new go-to base, readily available new at hardware stores or second-hand from lots of dealers. Sprinkle a little imagination and creativity, and there is no limit to the possibilities.

Combine Beauty and Functionality

Try looking at things differently. Could that pallet become a new headboard? It doesn’t need to be perfect – in fact it’s better that it’s not – because the look is all about rustic style. Use a wood conditioner before staining it in your preferred colour to match the décor in your room, and then arrange the boards in different lengths across the width of your bed, avoiding an obvious pattern to complete the look.

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A similar effect – using different lengths of wood joined together – can make a spectacular piece of wall art. Use one colour, or a range of colours, to contrast or accent the other elements of the scheme in your room.

Perhaps you need to free up some space on your kitchen counter – repurposing a pallet could form a mug rack. Add a splash of colour and a personalised slogan and you have a gorgeous rustic piece that will be the talk of your friends. Staining the wood maintains more of the wood’s character than painting does.

For more information on upcycling as the big eco trend that shows no sign of going out of fashion, see this article in the Telegraph.

If you’re keen to start an upcycling project of your own, scour general charity shops or flea markets or try specialist architectural salvagers such as – a reclamation yard in Ireland.

If you’re starting a new hobby in upcycling, you might prefer something smaller first. Perhaps try a pallet side table. Plan your project and then make a start!

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